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About: I was born March 25th 1955....making me 56 yrs old.....I am a Breast Cancer Survivor...but it has now spread to my bones...Married to Danny Feb 19th 1983..have one son Bruce who is 34 living with his girlfriend Angie...I have a daschaund Winston 10yrs old...he is my best friend..and spoiled rotten..I have a long hair Persian cat named Mere Kitty who is 1 yr old......and I am grateful just to wake up every day and being able to be alive...

Interests: Love to write poetry....I am Blushfulmoon at to read.....fav authors a few are Lisa Jackson,Erica Spindler,Sherryl Woods,Debbie Macomber,Robyn Carr,Beverly Barton,Linda Lael Miller,Fern Michaels,Stepheb King,and many others...I love to watch for my hummingbirds in the summer..Photography,Photoshop,Collect bookmarks,Ink Pens,T Shirts,Angels,Windchimes,many other interest

Favorite Music: I like the 70 and 80's music....Rod Stewart,RollingStones,John Mellancamp,Carly Simon,U2,I also like Country....

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8 years ago
525.gif Come visit METAL SHOP DAILY on Neo Colony Abyss! Not much there at the moment. Help us grow it!.
9 years ago
Notes, like shadows, gather to hear. Ethereal light, a mixture of tears. Her torments flow out, like demons set free. One blood red note struck, the final key. -AD KUZQREPXRequicfyhu1311197572991.jpg
9 years ago
Hither came they on horror fraught wings of aeons past Crowned and clad in the ancient night of time As the fallen, faded petals of sunset dipped into ulterior night They gathered, somber and secret, to observe my passing. My years crept past the vaults of reality enshrouded in mystic gray I knew them as the passing of shadows born upon flowing, archaic waters With still born eyes I gazed upon the sepulcheric dome of the sky, seeing naught Evoking the dead and spectral dreams of the primal, eldritch past to give answer. Vaguely I lived, merely existing, in shadowy, necromantic dreams Dreams that hover on the verge of fathomless sleep In lethargic abandon I challenged stagnant morality to part And descended with malefic laughter into the bosom of the absolute void Forgotten gods gazed with eyes of ultimate oblivion, and spoke Be thou enamored of deaths darkly curtained halls. I gave them answer Nay, for I have been to the wall. The bastion between hope and certainty. The riddle which lies betwixt fate and choice. And long for its cryptic embrace. The black, funeral veil of night covers me in misted sorrow I lie in the chill, eternal twilight of infinite gloom. Half life, child like, yet driven Chaos unravels the corridors of my mind, no destination sought, no desire. It corrupts my soul with irreverence. Nothing cherished left sacred. Eternity is ended. Everything is nothing. Clinging only to ghosts Insanity, but knowledge gained no other can comprehend Remember me as one with the rampant sky, born of fire to soon quenched A slave to memorys beckon. A glimpse of dark reflection. -AD
9 years ago
It's just like Grace Slick says - "When the truth is found. To be lies. And all the joy, within you dies. Don't you want somebody to love." -Jefferson AirplaneHPDEWALJHNAvwubkpridmq1309926511169.jpg
9 years ago
Hi Susan 🙂 Thanks for your nice comment and fav! Have an awesome weekend!
9 years ago
In the Lap of the Gods "Revisited" "No beginning, there's no ending. There's no meaning, in my pretending. Believe me, life goes on and on. Forgive me when I ask you where do I belong. You say I can do it, you can do it, you can set me free from me. But thats not true. It's in the Lap of the Gods. I can see what you want me to be. But I'm no fool. It's in the Lap Gods." -Freddy MercuryYKDULRPPRKejirgsdcum1309216905640.jpg
9 years ago
Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy all the wallpapers and our community 🙂
9 years ago
As the full moon begins it's rise. Deep within the oceans depths. Souls ascend on urgent tides. Like pearls a mermaid once had
9 years ago
The soul was so very lonely. It came to visit the mystic ocean. Falling in love with the rhythm of the everlasting sea. It remained to dream the ocean's dream.-AD XRNBERKDokvwaknd1306361529597.jpg
9 years ago
Thank you for the several wonderful comments on my uploads. Welcome to the community here. AD