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About: I live in south east Queensland Australia which I love and appreciate as I am a migrant from the UK.

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14 hours ago

Hi Dee, I bit the bullet and got a 10 metre extension cord and have plugged into another power point but still a bit worried so I'm not plugging my expensive desktop in just using my Notebook for now, so I have the NBN modem going now. I'm a bit worried but I'll unplug it if it rains and over night to be on the safe side. The housing commission said we may have to wait 20 days for someone to look at the roof so we just have to wait, thank goodness we missed the worst part of the storm last night. How is your recovery going I assume it would take a while to fully recover, hope its all going well for you mate.

TC my friend🙂

1 day ago

It's been coldest I thing so far this winter but warm temperatures are going to return and when I say warm that would be 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It's like having a heat wave lol.  Thanks for the dancing bear.  We could use him Friday for Party Weekend🙂

Take care and keep on the mend 👍


2 days ago


Wishing you a Beautiful Week🙂


2 days ago

  Have a great week


3 days ago


5 days ago

Happy Friday!!!!❤






5 days ago


5 days ago

Resultado de imagen de happy valentine s day 2020

1 week ago

Lol yep a cyclone mate, they are saying we will get more rain and wind tonight or Thursday, hope not. Getting anything fixed is just a waiting game but there are so many here that have lost everything so we can't complain, it's just a bit of inconvenience that's all🙂

1 week ago

It's not bad here but I have no internet, water was coming in the house and coming out of the power point so the power has been disconnected and the other power point has just gone too. Energy company are flat out for a month so I don't know when it will be fixed I'm  on my mobile phone now but don't have a lot of data. Hope you are ok up there mate. Take care my friend:)

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