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About: I am a Chicago IL. transplant.... "City Girl, City Girl" You have come to live in my country world" etc

Interests: My Beautiful Grandson....Gage My Beautiful H.D.'03 Art, Life, Philosophy

Favorite Music: Everything from Pavoratti & Celtic Women, to Operas & T.S.O. to Rock n Roll & Country

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10 years ago
528.gif Come visit METAL SHOP DAILY on Neo Colony Abyss! 🙂 Not much there at the moment. Help us grow it!.

10 years ago
Please read this forum post and add your support to it. Thank you. -AD

10 years ago
Hello everyone!  Nice to be able to be back with you after our little week of disasters here in the Pacific North West.  We've all been feverishly working to save our Seattle office from the effects of the storm, several trees falling on the building and major flooding, and it appears we've finally turned the corner.  I need about 2 days of sleep right about now!  I'll try to get to everyones messages and comments as soon as I'm able in the coming week but be prepared to be patient as we have a line of new storms coming through and renewed flooding is expected.  Sounds like there were several server challenges here at Alphacoders this week as well.  Hope you are all well and that I'll have time to answer most of your correspondence.  See the rest of you in ArtChat this week.


10 years ago
have an awesome weekend 😉

10 years ago
Thank you for the new art fav!  -AD

10 years ago
Thanks for the art fav 🙂

10 years ago

10 years ago

 Happy Holidays to Everyone ! ! !


10 years ago

Nice Avatar!

10 years ago
Thank you for favoriting one of my uploads. -AD