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4 years ago

I really like you're game wallpapers

5 years ago

Hey Medowar, 

I absolutely love all your wallpapers! Im a small time EDM artist and would like your permission to use your wallpapers as backgrounds for visualizers in youtube videos. I will include you in the descrption and include a link leadind to the image on

I really hope this works out. 



PS. I have 31 apcs, I don't know how much that seems to be, but I can give them to you if you'de like.


7 years ago

No problem, I wouldn't say they are "shitty", just not perfect but I'm probably a little maniac too 😃

8 years ago

Merry christmas my friend, have a safe and happy one 🙂


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Magickal Graphics

9 years ago

How do you put videos on here???


9 years ago

I absolutely love all of your walpapers please like some more cause they are reallly awesome😉

9 years ago

Your wallpapers are ... AWESOME !!! 😉 Thanks for sharing them !

9 years ago
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Hope you are good my friend 🙂

9 years ago

Hi my friend, Hope you are good. Thanks for the wallpapers, take care my friend 🙂

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~Magickal Graphics~

9 years ago

Are you Superstitious?



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