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8 years ago

Hi and thanks for the info update regarding my upload. Once again, Both my ignorace and lack of tagged info on the site are to blame. Very much appreciated and I'm sorry about posting the wall with any mis-information. At least now, I have the correct info as well as the option of updating what's needed on the upload. Have the best and I'll always appreciate further contacts.

8 years ago

Awesome mate, thanks again. Though after reading the Wiki post, I wasn't sure whether to leave the wall up or not. Seems like a bit of an insult to the Japanese. So if I get any negative responses, I'll take it down. p.s. I'll have to fan ya for that one, because all help is very much appreciated. Hope ya don't mind. Have a good one.

8 years ago

Hi and thanks for the info. I would have put the info in, but konachan simply had it tagged as original at the time. Will update the info soon. Much appreciated. Be well and have a great day.