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About: My name is Dori, & I live in California.

Interests: I love the beach, writing songs, playing my guitar & piano, & pretty pictures. Oh yes,...... and I LOVE to shop!

Favorite Music: If the music and lyrics move me.....what's not to like!


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4 years ago

Beautiful wallpapers. Thanks for the uploads ❤

5 years ago

Happy, Healthy,  Prosperous New Year To All 🙂

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Cheers, Salute, À votre santé, Aclamaciones, Prost, Proost, 乾杯, Chúc mừng, 干杯, Skål, ура

To All My Friends♥

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5 years ago

Happy Friday!!!

Image result for Hot steaming coffee gifs


Image result for Happy Friday gifs

Wishing You and Yours A Fantastic Weekend❤

Image result for Beautiful Fantasy Gothic Woman

5 years ago

Hi Dori

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5 years ago

Hey Dori

Not sure if you're still checkin.  I'll send you an email later on. 

Time to Wake Up and Smell The Coffee 🙂


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Have A Beautiful Day♥

7 years ago

Hi Dori, great to hear from you.  Understand that you have been busy, me too, which is good.  Usually find time to pop in here as it is an easy site to navigate and download from.  Glad you are all fine.  Everything great here in Oz thanks, just getting on with life really.  Sorry to hear that Kate has died (from DN), she was a v involved member.  Anyway, keep well and keep enjoying the great Californian lifestyle.  Best wishes from Queensland.

7 years ago

Thank you -- I love your wallpapers 🙂

Have a wonderful week ahead!



7 years ago

Lol, never been thanked for an update before but no prob 😃

Nice to here from you Dori, hope all is good for you and you are well, have a great week to my friend 🙂


7 years ago

Hi Dori, Just wanted to let you know that my name has been changed from lonewolf6738 to LW

Have a great week my friend.

7 years ago

Hi Dori, shame about having to work the holidays but as you say, lots of extra dollars!!!  We had a lazy Christmas this year and will probably have a quiet but hopefully champagne filled New Year's Eve.  Hope 2016 is great for you.


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