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Interests: Addicted to HQ pics, Design

Favorite Music: EDM:(dnb/dub)/orchestral/rock..

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20 hours ago

Hey Gabriel

Next month should be exciting with both Premier and Serie A restarting and we still have Bundesliga this weekend 👍

We Made It, Happy Friday😎


A Lovely Safe, Healthy Weekend to You and Yours💜


3 days ago

Whew Ruff Weekend....

Good Morning Funny Animals GIF - GoodMorning FunnyAnimals InsomniaCat GIFs

Have a Great Week 😎

If you get a chance watch today's game, should be super good!

6 days ago

Yes!!! Thank You, I looked it up this morning.  The Big Game is on Tuesday Dormund vs. Bayern and it is televised on FS1; should be a good one👍

I'm a Happy Camper LOL😎


1 week ago

Bayern and Frankfurt Sunday (I think), anyways looking forward to that one 🙂


Wishing You and Your Family A Lovely, Safe & Healthy Weekend🌷


1 week ago

Did you get to see the games Saturday and Sunday?  I forgot on Sunday and missed the first game but I loved the first game Saturday with Dormund Burussia (not sure of the spelling).  That did not disappoint at all as I was routing for them and Bayern won too but wasn't happy with the defense for Frankfurt  :(  

All of You Over there Stay Safe and Healthy!  I hear MLS is going to start next month and hopefully Premier League will too.

I've Got Those Monday Blues🙂Have a Great Week!!!!


1 week ago

Yes Indeed, I'll get 2 games today, woo hoo.


Take care and enjoy the games 👍😉

2 weeks ago

Happy Friday 😊


Have a Safe & Healthy Weekend 😎


2 weeks ago


Thank you for the lovely card.

I heard about your country today on the news and how bad it is there.  You and your family please stay safe.

I loved the snowman🙂:)  We are suppose to have some snow today but then I think Spring will be in bloom or who knows we may skip Spring and then go right into Summer lol  We really only have 2 seasons here Winter & Summer 😱 haha!

Monday Monday


Safe and Healthy Week My Friend.♥


2 weeks ago

I'm glad your government gave you all a relief package as well.  We have the same thing here, non-believers thinking it's a politcal fabricated disease.  Scary that people like that walk this earth.😱  Here too, the local police are suppose to get involved and give fines, etc.

We are required to wear masks in the state of New York but not everyone does but most do. Just selfish ignorant people don't wear masks.  Other states are more lenient and have re-opened.  Florida for one and the numbers of Covid 19 cases are starting to increase there.  

I don't see an end coming until there is a vaccine and now it's affecting young children differently where 5 have died. 

We've had snow here for the past 2 days so I'm a happy camper ⛷

Have a relaxing day.


2 weeks ago

Really, Wow I thought everyone was on lockdown by now.  2 million flights came into New York City and then went to Chicago from Europe.  They never checked the people who came from Europe for Covid 19 only the people from China and that's where the problem was here in New York.  People in Europe already had Covid 19 and brought it here to New York.  In Washington State however, the Covid 19 came from people in China landing on the Pacific Coast so we got hit from both sides,  the Atlantic and Pacific.  I am sorry you are increasing in your numbers and just now on lockdown.  You and your family stay safe and wear masks if you need to venture out for food and medicine.  Here in New York State only they have extended non-payment of rent and mortgages until August 20.  That is one way to help the people plus they sent everyone in the United States who files Income Tax at the end of the year, a $1,200 dollar check to help them for food, etc. and they are working on another stimulus package to help the people who are un-employed due to Covid 19 and lost their jobs.

It is unbelievable time in history we are living through.  In the great depression people had to stand on line for flour, loaf of bread and sugar was like gold.  Here people are only allowed to buy 1 box of tissues in Upstate New York and they are charging .50 a box more after they break up the six pack.  I fixed that situation by buying washable handkerchiefs that we used in the old days.  I tried to buy flour on line the other day and the 2 online stores I shop at did not have any whatsoever.  I try to do most of my grocery shopping on line because of my disability and hub picks up the perishables.  Luckily he was able to find flour in the supermarket.  I'm a bread baker which is in my genes as my dad's family owned an Italian Bread Bakery and store.

Bundeslinga will be without any fans so I'm wondering if they will let the camera men in.  I don't know if it will be televised?  I have since changed my cable network, i'll see next week. 👀 or not.....?

Well I think I'm just chatty this morning so I will end here.

Please say safe and take all precautions my friend.


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