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About: [BR]

Interests: Addicted to HQ pics, Design

Favorite Music: EDM:(dnb/dub)/orchestral/rock..

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1 week ago

Hello My Friend smiley

Just passing through to say "hi" ....

So what do you think?  Where do you think Zidane will go?  Who Will Replace Him?  Is Ronaldo going to Manchester United?  Questions, Questions, Questions? laugh   I hope you are doing well Gabriel.  So looking forward and it's almost here the World Cup.  Any team you will favor in the World Cup?  Tell.... wink   I'm kind of gearing towards Brazil, France and Iceland laugh




4 weeks ago

Hi Gabriel

There is always so much talk about this one and that one transferring...Puts me in a tizzy sometimes lol laugh

See you on the field May 26th but for now Have a GREAT Week laugh

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Image result

Take Care Everyone and See You ??? wink

1 month ago

Hey Gabriel

So do you think Neymar will be going to Real????? Inquiring minds want to know cool lol

Have a Awesome Wednesday yes


1 month ago

Hi Gabriel

What is going on in the Football World? Bayern played a really good game but I was so impressed with Navas.  He was spot on! yes

And Benzema, Whoa!  So we are on to the Final end of the month.  I thought Liverpool has a lot of determination but was shocked the way Roma "almost" pulled it off.  Unbelievable.  Hope you got to enjoy both games. Today is a big game with Athletico Madrid and Arsenal.  I'm for Athletico smiley

My opinion which I'm sure differs from yours; is that I think Real Madrid and Liverpool are evenly matched.  What say you?  I'm always interested in feedback and others opinions.

I hope all is going well in your part of the world.  Take care and I'll be in and out.


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1 month ago

Hey Gabriel

I did see the Roma/Liverpool game, what a come back - at least their not going into Leg 2 too far behind.  Salah is definitely on his game.

Roma's passing was horrendous sad   Miracles can happen.  As for REAL they always play hard and give it all.  Marcello, Kroos, Muldrich and of course Marco Ascencio who I see and hope he will be coming up in the ranks with his talent.  I didn't realize James was on loan from Real to Bayern.  I'm glad he's getting the play time he deserves.  I remember seeing him shine for Colombia in the last World Cup. smiley

Okay i'll be back afterr the games to compare notes with you.  Hang in there my friend wink

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1 month ago

Hey Gabriel

Good game yesterday wouldn't ya say laugh

Leg 2 coming up, Woo Hoo, Tuesday can't get here quick enough.

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Image result for Great Weekend

2 months ago

Hey Gabriel

Image result for we almost made it images

We let our Italian Tempers get the best of us lol  Highly unusual for Buffone to act that way surprise

Well I didn't call the Barca/Roma game right but I got the other 3 right cheeky

Due to my heritage I will be cheering for Roma wink


2 months ago

TGIF laugh

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Image result for Cool weekend gif

2 months ago

Hey Gabriel,

I wasn't surprised by Liverpool as the last round they played it was 5-0 Liverpool in one of the games.  I always liked Liverpool and their coach is yes well respected and liked.  Yeah, I get it when you talk about the Barca vs. Roma game.....The first time DeRossi of Roma scored in Barca's net was a fluke but the second goal in their net I believe they were following their captain's lead surpriseblush  I'm really surprised Roma got this far..

So my prediction/mindset is (are you ready for this)  Liverpool, Real and Barca, Bayern for the final 4 which will probably wind up with Real and Barca in the final.  PS:  This could change at any time hahaha! laugh  

Of course I would always root for Real over Barca, we really love the way Marcellos plays as well.  I was glad  he scored smiley

Okay enough futbal for now, stay tuned for the continuing saga lol

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2 months ago

Almost time for Barc vs. Roma and Liverpool (which I think is a good team also) vs. Manchester City. 

My bets are on Barca and Liverpool (I think) laugh  

Image result for UEFA CUP 2018

PS:  Sorry from the misunderstanding as I can't help it if i'm born in the USA  wink   

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