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About: [BR]

Interests: spiders,videogame,design

Favorite Music: EDM:(dnb/dub)/epic/rock..

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19 hours ago

Hey Gabriel smiley

2 More Weeks til Semi final but whose counting? laugh   Have a Good One yes

Image result for Happy Friday gif


Image result for Wild Weekend

4 days ago

Oh I never heard that term before yes

Live and Learn as they say smiley   Thanks

4 days ago

Hi Gabriel, jah Cristiano did do a hat trick, 3 goals by the same person is a hat trick right?

Score was 6-3


4 days ago

Hi Gabriel,

Did you see the game yesterday with Real vs. Giorona (or something like that), Rinaldo hat trick, Lucas, Bale, I was unsure for awhile there if Girona was going to catch up.  Great Game yes  I was wondering why Muldrich didn't start though surprise

Image result for have a great week

Please, Tell Me It's Not Monday surprise


Have a Great Day smiley

Image result for Pretty Goth Woman

1 week ago

Aha So we Meet Again devil

Image result for Let the games begin gif

Image result for Let the games begin gif

Image result for Let the games begin gif

April 3rd and 11th - Be there or be square LOL laugh

Image result for Juventus vs. Real Madrid 2018 UEFA images

That's it now, I've got my game face on angry

Image result for Game Face images

cheekycheeky LOL laugh

1 week ago

Happy Friday smiley

Related image


1 week ago

I liked MU when Ibra played.  I guess I followed Ibra wherever he went but I got hooked on PSG anyways with or without him.  If I'm not mistaken he will play with Sweden in the World Cup but then again it may only be a rumor????????  91 days til the World Cup but who is counting devil

I thought I heard them mention that Friday will be the draw of who plays who in the semi-finals correct?  Sometimes I can't catch it all because things can get chaotic here and they say these things as the game is going on angry

It should be explosive no matter, let the games begin and your internet keep working laugh

Image result for Explosion gifs

1 week ago

Hi Gabriel

Bummer sad

Well i'm sure you know by now or even before that Barca won. Yesterday Juve played in the Serie A and now they are leading by 4 points in their League.  Of course that makes me a Happy Camper smiley smiley smiley

Hope you get your puter fixed....

Image result for computer frustration gifs

Oh noooo still no internet surprise

1 week ago


Well I watched Manchester City vs. Sevilla.  I really wasn' t sure what team I was with but it didn't matter because the best team won so I didn't get too excited as I would if Juventus was playing lol  They once again did not show Roma on TV.  They must have something against them sad

Poor DeGea didn't have enough backup and Manchester messed up a few times.  Hope you get to see the highlights.

Otherwise, how are you doing?

Wouldn't it be something if Real plays Juve devil  Then we'll really butt heads lol

Image result for funny butting heads gifs




1 week ago

Hi Gabriel

Juve is currently in 1st place in Serie A cheeky  smiley

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PS: Cool Avatar yes

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