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About: Call me Admin, other name’s: The Depressed Scalawag, Noah Of Delinquency Otaku TsuYanKuudere/Vagabondere/fanfic writer/Gamer/Anime. "It's 3AM & I Need a Toaster!" 4/11 Fave digital artist: Dfox999 DGM - Tyki Mikk is Bae <3333

Interests: Fan Support, sleeping, music, anime/manga, portal, video games, watching youtube, movies, swimming, horse back riding, dog training, animal rescue, archery. FAV Movies: Bungou Stray Dogs: Dead Apple, White: The Curse of the Melody White, (Scariest Korean Movie Ever!), Train to Busan, The Haunting, Bunraku, The Ward, Higanjima (Original Japanese Dub), above 5 star. Fave Animes: D.Gray Man/D.Gray Man Hallow, Bungou Stray Dogs, Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, Magi: Kingdom of Magic, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, Akuma No Riddle, Corpse Party: Lost Souls.

Favorite Music: J-Rock: I Adore: Gackt & Yoshiki. I Like: Chiroyln, MUCC, Kanon Wakeshima, Super Junior, K. Will, etc. CruciA Dubstep, Nexus Game Revolution(1-2 HOUR DUBSTEP mix), Tecktonik,Industrial rave, Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin), Rock/Metal, Vocaloids, Tokio Hotel, Gorillaz, etc. 100% Music Lover.

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3 days ago

Happy Friday!!!!❤






1 week ago

Where are you?  Have have you been?  Thinking of you.🙂


Have A Wonderful Week♥


1 week ago

Happy Friday🙂:)




2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago


Happy Weekend My Friend♥


3 weeks ago



Have a Wonderful Week🙂


4 weeks ago

Hi Dear Friend

I have good news to tell.  I've freed some space over the weekend for favoriting wallpapers and rating up again as there the threshold for both is 80,000 so I went into both.  I still have a long way as I only accomplished 200 pages of each but I can once again feel comfortable voting and favoring 🙂

I sincerely "Thank" everyone for their support and friendship in this mission as it is tedious but worth it in the end.  If I erroneously deleted a rating or favorite on one of your wallpapers it was not intentionally but because my eyes were probably boggled from looking at close to 8,000 wallpapers in 2 days (close to 4,000 in ratings and 4,000 in favorites).  My sincerest apologies.

Have a Great Day❤


1 month ago


If you get a chance please check you pm

1 month ago

1 month ago

Heyyy How are things going?  Not been here.  Life  has its twists and turns and leads us to wherever it leads us to. 🙂

Take care of yourself and hope you're dreams are coming true.


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