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About: Spiritual teacher/healer, writer (sci-fi), falconer, model maker, born to be AWESOME (not just perfect), UFOlogist/Cosmologist, movies. Dedicated peasant, eccentric/eclectic introvert, squirrel worrier extraordinaire, dashingly handsome, Ho Ti stunt double, cat addict, windswept and interesting, small/bald/lugubrious, master of epistolary intercourse, yodeling axe-man, nefelibata and so much more :-) Often found rustling in the underbrush, observing embryos, mooning around or simply hanging upside down in the wardrobe at midnight eating white mice.

Interests: Spiritual Teaching, Astral Projection, model making, falconry (I have 2 owls/1 Harris Hawk), creative writing (recently created my own sci-fi genre), reading, meditation, being happy in myself. Firkling around, worrying squirrels, making a mess, whistling down the chimney, laughing at the curtains, and generally amusing myself in ways hither-to-fore unknown to mortal man or doorknobs :->

Favorite Music: TEXAS, Enigma, Motorhead, Meatloaf, Paloma Faith, Kelly Clarkson, The Wombles, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Yazoo, Alanis Morissette, Irina Krug, New age, playing the spoons, slapping my thighs or yodelling up drainpipes, it's all jolly good fun to me :-)

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1 week ago

Hello My Friend smiley

Just passing through to say "hi" ....




Hello Dear Paul smiley

It appears you have made me laugh again.  You never have a dull moment in life and are entertained by an assortment of friends. smiley   It keeps your life interesting.

I have a big heart black cats in particular. If I saw one in the yard I would adopt it.  Your kindness and reaching out to all the kitty cats is amazing.

Some men are chick magnets but maybe you are just a cat magnet too smiley

June is a month of birthdays and anniversary for us.  Lot's of events this weekend.  39 yrs this Saturday for us smiley  heart  wink

The weather here has been chilly and we've had to use the heat everyday, we're hoping next week to see improvement.  I'm glad the warmer weather has hit you.

Hope things are still moving upward in the shop.  Have you been working on some more intricate projects?

Just a quick pass through for now, hope you are well and taking it one day at a time.  You should be busy this time of year? yes? wink

Stay Safe and Be Well and Give those kitties bunches of hugs from me smiley

Hugs to You My Friend♥

4 weeks ago

Hi Paul

I'm sure it must be very difficult to paint faces and working with tiny figures and the details, You are some amazing artist.  I'm sure the steampunk items were stunning wink   I'm sure you'll get everything accomplished for sure and certain smiley

You still crack me up.  I'm sure it was certainly a shocker as the cat crept under your magnifying glass.  Whoa! lol 

Hope you didn't get hurt in the process, I'm sure your cat was just checking your reflexes haha laugh

You always have a lot going on over there and a lot of fun to boot smiley

Have a Great Week Paul with Hugs♥

Image result for Monday

Image result for May 22nd World Goth Day

Image result

Take Care Everyone and See You ??? wink


1 month ago

Dearest Paul

I am so happy to hear things are working out and the shop will remain open, How Wonderful! smiley

It is a nice thing when someone tells you that and to take the time to say it heart

Not much happening here yet but I'll still be zipping in and out as time permits.

Hope you had much success with your recipe as I know your cat haven will surround you begging for a taste wink

Take Care & Many Hugs My Friend


Have a Awesome Wednesday yes


1 month ago

Dear Paul,

This is terrible news.  I think you need to sell from your own shop but it would be constant which may be a good thing, Yes?  Or a stand would be a good at the "Fairy" Market, is there an explanation of that term or shall I take it for what it means?  I know you didn't mind the woman selling your creations for more after buying them from you but in all fairness and common courtesy is that right?  I see it differently but that's me.

Nothing has gone into motion yet so we are at a standstill for the moment.  I am trying to get everything organized before the wheels start turning into motion because everything will hit all at once.  I believe our snow is gone till October anyways smiley   We had actually summer like weather the past 2 days.  Although I love snow, it was GREAT!!!!

You are so kindhearted taking in another cat.  I love black cats.  I would take it if I lived closer.  I use to take care of a neighbors cat when I lived in the city.  She was a black cat with green eyes and did nothing but purrrr, so beautiful. 

I have a robin that comes here everyday and tries to get into our house. He starts around 6:15 am and doesn't stop until after 5 pm.  I can't believe no matter how much we scare it away it just loves to keep flying into the window and I'm surprised it hasn't crash landed yet.  He just does it again and again non stop.  He must have super powers but brainless.  I don't know what else to do to stop it from crashing into the window.  Obviously he's not getting hurt. Go figure?

Well I hope you get everything sorted out and I'm just zipping through but wanted to answer your note.

You and Everyone Across the Miles Take Care.

Hugs and Thank You♥


Image result for Have a nice day fantasy images

1 month ago

Lovely Weekend to you dear Paul and your extended Family as well wink

Image result for Lovely  Fantasy Woman weekend

2 months ago

Hi Paul

Well they white stuff is still coming down making everything look beautiful.  How has your week been? 

TGIF laugh

Image result for We made it to Friday gif




Image result for Cool weekend gif


2 months ago

Hi Paul smiley

You make me laugh.  Chocolate Eggs....I hope they weren't Butler's?  I finally tried Butler's Champagne Truffles this past Christmas, nice and strong.  My friend in Ireland kept raving about them and all Butler's chocolates in Ireland so I had to try the Truffles as I found a mail order that imported them.yes

Have a good one my friend♥

Related image


Image result for Great Week images


2 months ago

Hi Paul

Son and daughter in law will be coming soon along with wee Mia.  It is snowing smiley   

I see you're not keeping out of trouble, wouldn't have it any other way knowing what I do so far of you lol

Care to join in the Easter Egg Hunt? 

Image result for Snow Party on Easter

Paul, I don't get it.  How did your water turn brown boiling eggs, only you could probably do that but you said you knew how to cook?  surprise

At least I know you made a cake that you devoured smiley   

I keep away from talking religion and politics.  You never know.

Well whatever you fancy today I hope you have a good time doing what you do laugh   You always have a good story lol

Hugs to You and the Kitties

How did flying with Pickles go last week?

This one will bring you some boiled eggs of multi color wink Take Care My Friend smiley

Image result for Fantasy Cute Easter Bunny Woman images

2 months ago

Image result for Happy Easter Cute

2 months ago

Image result for Hi cute gif

I will be on Spring Break for a week (actually have some personal things happening this week) but thought Spring Break sounds like more fun smiley   So I'll be gone all week but I will be back the following week.  Have a Safe & Good One My Friend♥

My best to Pickles and the kitties.  Sounds like a fun time smiley   I love Sugar Skulls.  I'm sure your creations will be wonderful as long as your painting skills. Just do it! yes  wink

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