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About: Spiritual teacher/healer, writer (sci-fi), falconer, model maker, born to be AWESOME (not just perfect), UFOlogist/Cosmologist, movies. Dedicated peasant, eccentric/eclectic introvert, squirrel worrier extraordinaire, dashingly handsome, Ho Ti stunt double, cat addict, windswept and interesting, small/bald/lugubrious, master of epistolary intercourse, yodeling axe-man, nefelibata and so much more :-) Often found rustling in the underbrush, observing embryos, mooning around or simply hanging upside down in the wardrobe at midnight eating white mice.

Interests: Spiritual Teaching, Astral Projection, model making, falconry (I have 2 owls/1 Harris Hawk), creative writing (recently created my own sci-fi genre), reading, meditation, being happy in myself. Firkling around, worrying squirrels, making a mess, whistling down the chimney, laughing at the curtains, and generally amusing myself in ways hither-to-fore unknown to mortal man or doorknobs :->

Favorite Music: TEXAS, Enigma, Motorhead, Meatloaf, Paloma Faith, Kelly Clarkson, The Wombles, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Yazoo, Alanis Morissette, Irina Krug, New age, playing the spoons, slapping my thighs or yodelling up drainpipes, it's all jolly good fun to me :-)

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1 week ago


For your fab on my wall smiley

1 week ago

Dearest Paul

OMG what happened?  I thought they were going to keep the store open.  My how things have turned around.  I hope things work out for you and your creations.  You make such inventive work.  You are an amazing, caring and funny person.  I know it would be a hoot to hang out with you.  If i'm ever in the area i'll let you know.  laugh   It's too bad thelandlord is such a scoundrel.

Glad you have a gf, i'm sure she'll get use to you quickly wink   I hope she likes cats as that is one of the "must" qualifications of anyone you date.♥

You're not the only person who does not like chocolate, there are some who prefer vanilla.  My son for one.  My dad too.  I prefer vanilla to chocolate but I kinda like both.  Your cheesecake sounds like success and bliss.  Hope you didn't go into a Food Coma after eating it. lol

Sometimes it's a good thing to go with the flow, just show up and take it from there.  Unplanned things are nice but I must admit I love the atmosphere of a candlelit dinner as well.  I wish you all the best in your upcoming seminars and adventures.

Well I'm going to end it here as I've got a lot of pages to go to for my send off.  

Just passing through to let you know I will be gone from Alphacoders until sometime in October. I'd like to say it's a vacation but it is surgery on the 17th. surprise

Until then, Wishing You and Enchanting Weekendheart and See You When Possible Again yes

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Be Well, Stay Safe and Hugs wink

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2 weeks ago

Hello There Paul

I'm sure you'll have a hootin good time tonight wink I worked with a transgender and he always wore man's clothes but then he decided to start being  himself and wore skirt, makeup, wig, boots with heels and he use to go out with drinks once in awhile on a Friday night.  We didn't want him to feel left out and he just loved being with us girls.  I can imagine how your night is going to go.....

Well we're ending the summer with our last hoorah barbecue on Monday (Labor Day).  Another day not to work, I'm all for it! smiley

Maybe that's what your friend needs is a drink or 2 to get through the seminar tonight.  Cheers to him wink

I see a weekend coming

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Stay Well My Friend.

Hugs across the miles♥

3 weeks ago

Hi Paul

This cup is on me. wink

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3 weeks ago

Hi Paul

I hope your trips and seminars went well and you got to hit Butler Candy for some champagne truffles.  My friend raves about them so I had to buy some imported ones.  Very hard to find in the USA.  Yum wink


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4 weeks ago

Happy Monday laugh

Image result for Monday coffee gifs

Wishing You A Beautiful Week♥


1 month ago

Image result for Happy Friday funny gif

Image result for Magical Weekend


1 month ago

Hi Paul

Thank you for your notes and laughs.  I do look forward to them smiley

Your mixing bowl sounds like a giant cuppa coffee smiley

I bet I know what you're doing right now...repainting the Ragman figure.  Geez I guess this person was too young for his mom to intervene.  I know he'll love whatever you produce.  

It's nice to have an admirer and a cheering section from the crowd lol  Wow it must be "Paul" dah...  Yes, it's true when you are self employed there's no one but "you".  No sick days or paid vacation sad    Well stocked on top is a good thing...jah? wink and from the Traveller Community too from which I read are very interesting people to meet.

I would love to see the expression of people's faces when you walk out on stage and the shock when they see it's "YOU" lol

Aww another kitty, will Lady Nightshade let her rule the roost?  It is good you found a home for her once she is ready.  

You do have a reputation for cats and wee kitties.  The word is out Paul surpriseyes

I had company this weekend and needed yesterday to recuperate.  It has been very rainy in these parts and flash flooding is occuring in the city.

I live on top of a mountain so I do not get affected by floods as yet but we get our share of snow for sure and certain smiley

Have a Wonderful Week between your Seminars, Work and the Kitties smiley

Hugs to You♥


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1 month ago

Hi Paul

I will answer you soon smiley

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1 month ago

Sup thank you for favourite some of my uploads. I appreaciate that and glad somebody finds the content enjoyable smiley

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