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About: Spiritual teacher/healer, writer (sci-fi), falconer, model maker, born to be AWESOME (not just perfect), UFOlogist/Cosmologist, movies. Dedicated peasant, eccentric/eclectic introvert, squirrel worrier extraordinaire, dashingly handsome, Ho Ti stunt double, cat addict, windswept and interesting, small/bald/lugubrious, master of epistolary intercourse, yodeling axe-man, nefelibata and so much more :-) Often found rustling in the underbrush, observing embryos, mooning around or simply hanging upside down in the wardrobe at midnight eating white mice.

Interests: Spiritual Teaching, Astral Projection, model making, falconry (I have 2 owls/1 Harris Hawk), creative writing (recently created my own sci-fi genre), reading, meditation, being happy in myself. Firkling around, worrying squirrels, making a mess, whistling down the chimney, laughing at the curtains, and generally amusing myself in ways hither-to-fore unknown to mortal man or doorknobs :->

Favorite Music: TEXAS, Enigma, Motorhead, Meatloaf, Paloma Faith, Kelly Clarkson, The Wombles, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Yazoo, Alanis Morissette, Irina Krug, New age, playing the spoons, slapping my thighs or yodelling up drainpipes, it's all jolly good fun to me :-)

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2 days ago

Enjoy your holiday Paul as I took some time off also. smiley

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1 week ago

Dear Paul

Poor Bandit.. sad   lol laugh

I don't like Drones.  They are a nuisance and endanger plane flights.  Technology is going to be the death of us or shall I say it already is (talking on the phone and texting while driving)  I nearly was a goner from someone going through a red light yapping on her phone.  I have the simplest cell phone because we have all country roads here and if something ever happened I will use it for an emergency otherwise it is plugged in all the time; no texting, no emails, no messages, etc....

However, the prank was funny lol  It was low to the ground enough.

I'm sorry that wasn't such a refreshing babble above surprise  I must be on a roll.

That was really nice of them to send you all those figurines.  You are going to be One Busy Person smiley   (that's a good thing) smiley

I've done 3 coats on certain pieces on my wood project and it is looking good and smooth.  Now I have to get the guts to start on the detailed pieces.  Maybe tomorrow as today is Chinese New Year and we celebrate everything here lol so i'll be cooking a Chinese dinner.

It is still sunny today with rain and cooler temps coming later on this even and then turning to snow so I enjoyed yesterday and hanging outside and getting in tune to nature.  

You enjoy yourself as you only live once.  Have fun and Stay Safe.  I hope you are mending well and moving forward with that.  Take Care of Yourself My Friend and thank you for your writings and adventures laugh

Love & Hugs To All


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1 week ago

Hi Paul

I will answer you proprely tomorrow as I took time out for myself today as well.

I took time for myself getting a little sunbathing in on the back deck as the ground is covered in snow.  It was 51 degrees today and it was so hot in the sun I may have gotten my first tan of the year.  I like it now because there are no bugs out. I can't stand the bugs although they're not too bad but one bee is all I need to come running inside.

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Cheers to us to have a warm day smiley

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2 weeks ago

Dear Paul

Wishing You A Lovely Safe Weekend.

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2 weeks ago

Good Morning Paul

Sorry those kitties are up to no good.  I'm sure you'll be picking up glitter forever as you never get it completely up after many tries as one here and one there manage to fly somewhere.  Ut Oh, as for your foam board .... if I were the kitties I'd runnnnnnnnnnnnn.................... That's too bad as materials aren't cheap for sure and for certain.

Everyone realizes what a kind young man you are and are always able and willing to help someone in need so you are nominated as their "Go To Person".  As for the 14 hour phone call being a wrong number, strange but I hope helpful.

I once answered the phone and spoke to someone for 5 minutes until I realized I didn't know who I was talking to as I thought it was somone else.  (Embarrasing blush)

Well changing blades is dangerous business and it has to be done.

I usually burn myself and one time the nurse asked me how I got all those marks going up my arm on both arms from my wrists.  I think she thought I was a slasher but it was all oven rack marks of scars looking similar.  Gosh, I love cooking but those burn marks can be permanent.  I'm a danger to myself.

Green sprinkles gives a good grass like affect but I know you got this under raps without my advice.

I never heard of a war game table and don't know what it is...?  I guess I can google it. smiley

You certainly are a busy person which keep you out of trouble wink   It's great you have all these different interests, it makes life fun smiley

Always the best for you and the kitties..

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Oops is that purple glitter I see lol

Don't overdo it, ya hear?

Love & Hugs

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2 weeks ago

Thanks Paul hope all is good my friend smiley

2 weeks ago

Good Morning Paul

Hope you are doing a wee bit better today.  You are definitely a trooper wink   I don't have the coordination to walk with crutches and when I had my leg in a cast back in the 80's I walked with a walker or if I wanted to get somewhere fast in my house I crawled on my hands and knees, much better and faster.

I know you are excited to get to your projects.  I feel that excitement when I get ideas in my head smiley

I know you said the seminars will be winding down soon so the kitties are raring to help you be creative....? surprise

Wow that's some windy weather you had over there.  We are getting snow tomorrow but that's nothing new here.  They clear the roads quite well.  I'm trying to talk hub into getting a snow blower.  You always seem to have some kind of entertainment there whether it's the neighbors or your seminars. lol

My biggest excitement here is counting the cars that pass which has increased since I first moved here in 1993, it's gone from 5 cars to I really don't know. (just kidding)  You know how country life is but I love being in tune to nature and it is glorious in the winter to see the birds that stay for the winter go to the feeders and nest in our trees.  Being a city girl most of my life country life is agreeable with us.

Hub and I have lots of hobbies so we are never idle.  I enjoy my house, where I live and my surroundings.

How did the seminar go last night?  

You continue to be on the mend and I will keep you in my prayers.  Thank you always for your support as well.

Take Care and Hugs & Love To All ♥


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2 weeks ago

Oh Paul, My God

I'm so sorry....

Sending love, healing and please don't do too much while you are recovering.  I know they say movement is best but all in due time.

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How did you make out last night, were you able to do the seminar?  I feel so bad as I know all about pain and discomfort sad

Related image

Promise you'll take care and thank you for letting me know.  I know how hard it will be for the kitties to leave you alone but they love you heart

The doggies wiped me out like they do every Saturday. lol

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Love & Hugs to All♥


3 weeks ago

Dear Paul

I think you inspired me to start my project smiley   I've decided to do a wash on all the wooden pieces I have like I do when I oil paint and do a wash on canvas.  That's as far as I got though...but it's a start yes

How's it going over the pond?  Have the granddoggy coming today for another chaotic Saturday of doggie play time lol

Have a Great Weekend and Hugs to All.


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3 weeks ago

Hi Paul smiley

I looked up the mountain named Mauna Kea in Hawaii.  Live and learn and thanks for that information. I feel a tad smarter today smiley

We are in for some rain tomorrow and then back to snow.  Today's temperature is 0 F which is better than yesterday at -12 Farenheit with wind chill factor of -20+ brrrrrrrr.  We received a foot of snow Saturday and a bit more through Sunday afternoon.  I think it snowed overnight as I'm just able to see a little outside but who can really tell since there is so much snow out there already.

When you mentioned about the umbrellas I remember my mom always drilling to me to be careful as to not poke anyone's eye out.  It's really instilled in me. That's the bad thing about rain is that if it changes over to snow you know you are going to have ice somewhere in the middle.  Ice I don't like but I Love Snow heart.  I can't think of having Christmas or winter in a warm climate, it just wouldn't be right and I'm a December child so it's in me.  I have a friend in Barbados who never saw snow, how sad sad

We definitely had hot chocolate all around after my son and daughter in law and their tenant came with the ATV that had a plow on it and did our driveway.  Our path to civilization smiley

It's good you are on the  homefront and you can get some good rest.  There is no bed better than your own.

It is good to love your job.  I have loved all my jobs except for one, working at a grocery store chain.  I wasn't fast at the register but I was a super fast bagger, so fast that one time the frozen turkey missed the bag and slid across the front end like it still had wings lol  That was a short lived job but it was different from the secretarial work I always did.  I decided to stick with what I know.

That is strange how your breathing is better in the mountains but with your condition it works.  Sorry to  hear of your condition plus you have diabetes.  I know I had trouble when we hit the mountain area to visit relatives in Italy on our honeymoon.  We were in Volterra where my husbands family owned a Alabaster mine and a store in center of town.

You certainly have gotten around to see the world.  I'll be waiting for your book to come to read wink

I too am afriad of height.  I remember decorating for my sons 4th b-day party with blue crepe paper, it was just a 2 step step stool and my hands turned all blue from the crepe paper cause I had to go up the steep stool and was scared to death.surprise

Boy it sure took awhile to get that blue off my hands.  That was the birthday party to remember besides the blue hand I decided to make the birthday cake and tripled the recipe but put it in the stand 9 x 13 pan.  What a mess in my oven. lol I quickly ordered a birthday cake after that.

Hopefully your kitties haven't messed up your work table too bad.  They are looking for your affection smiley

Take care and have a good time at your seminars, hopefully no incidents and everything will be smooth sailing.

Hugs and Love To You and the Kitties My Friend♥ Have a Great Day wink

Me smiley

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