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About: Spiritual teacher/healer, writer (sci-fi), falconer, model maker, born to be AWESOME (not just perfect), UFOlogist/Cosmologist, movies. Dedicated peasant, eccentric/eclectic introvert, squirrel worrier extraordinaire, dashingly handsome, Ho Ti stunt double, cat addict, windswept and interesting, small/bald/lugubrious, master of epistolary intercourse, yodeling axe-man, nefelibata and so much more :-) Often found rustling in the underbrush, observing embryos, mooning around or simply hanging upside down in the wardrobe at midnight eating white mice.

Interests: Spiritual Teaching, Astral Projection, model making, falconry (I have 2 owls/1 Harris Hawk), creative writing (recently created my own sci-fi genre), reading, meditation, being happy in myself. Firkling around, worrying squirrels, making a mess, whistling down the chimney, laughing at the curtains, and generally amusing myself in ways hither-to-fore unknown to mortal man or doorknobs :->

Favorite Music: TEXAS, Enigma, Motorhead, Meatloaf, Paloma Faith, Kelly Clarkson, The Wombles, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Yazoo, Alanis Morissette, Irina Krug, New age, playing the spoons, slapping my thighs or yodelling up drainpipes, it's all jolly good fun to me :-)

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2 weeks ago

Thanks for the favs heart

2 weeks ago

Hi Paul

My...... sounds like business is booming smiley   How many people are working for you now?  I don't recall the Wombies but maybe if I saw it I would remember?..? lol

Poor Bright Eyes sad   I always loved the name of that cat and I remember her.... sad   That guy should be hung by his unmentionables surprise

I hate people who torture animals.  They are messed up in the head.  I read years back how someone put their cat in the microwave, there are a lot of sick people out there.....Whenever I hear disturbing news like this my line is "Stop this Planet and Let Me Off"!!!

On a better note I hope you learn to make a decent cup of coffee but I'm sure you make a fine cuppa tea wink

Just whirling through this site like always.  Football is back on so my eyes get glued to games on Saturday sometimes for 6 hrs. coollol

Do Take care of yourself and the kitties. 

Love & Big Hugs to Everyone



2 weeks ago


4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Hey Paul

How are things on your side of the pond? wink

Sailing by to Say Hello and Hope All Is Going Well for You smiley

Image result for sailboat gifs



Hugs to All 

1 month ago

Hi Paul, we are fine mate hope you are good as well. Perth can get hot so I understand that they are feeling the cold. Your not the only one that can't make a decent cup of coffee mate I'm hopeless at making coffee laugh

Mate I don't know how many times I have been looking for my glasses and I was wearing them so your not alone, think we all do that sometimes smiley

All the best mate and don't work too hard.


1 month ago

Thanks for the fave on the wallpaper I created my friend smiley

Hope you have a great week Paul

2 months ago

Passing through again lol

Hope you and kitties are well my dear friendheart

Happy Weekend.


2 months ago

Wow Paul

A lot going on as usual in your neck of the woods.  After a year the cat came home....??  Wow! that's amazing!!!

Your business is certainly booming and so much to do and have done already.  Keep up the good work!!!

What is the name for a guy that goes out with a younger woman?  I know when women go out with younger men we are known as "cougars".. lol  I know you let her down but in case there's someone else in the lineup smiley

I'm just passing through quickly as a big game coming up Sunday for the USA in Women's World Cup Soccer.  Yes I live and breath soccer/football - call it what you want but i'm glued to the tv smiley laugh

Take care and i'll stop back again.





2 months ago

Dear Paul

I'm sorry i'm such a slacker in writing lately sad

Tell me...have you still been busy as ever?  I know your last writing told alot.  When I do get on here I usually just whiz through.  We're having a short heat wave like everyone else.  Hope those kitties are surviving in the heat smiley

How is  your physical activity going, still keeping on track with your Personal Trainer?  Keep eating those veggies, high fiber, low carb items.  Now that i've been diagnosed with pre-diabeties I won't be indulging in lavish homemade cakes, cookies and pastries although I am changing a lot of high fiber low carb items to incorporate in my baking and substituting Splenda for the sugar but I can still make the doggies their biscuits.

I've created a few more wood painting projects for myself so off I go back to the drawing board....

Do take care of yourself and hugs to everyone over there.

Happy Weekend smiley

and Relaxing Sunday♥




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