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About: I live in Russia. Age of 27 years. Zodiac sign - a scorpion. My user name - Vergilius - the conductor in hell depths. Student of medical institute. I like to walk, photograph.

Interests: Medicine, photo

Favorite Music: Metal, Gothic metal, Symphonic metal

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2 weeks ago

TGIF laugh

Image result for We made it to Friday gif




Image result for Cool weekend gif

2 weeks ago

Related image


Image result for Great Week images

2 weeks ago

Image result for Happy Easter Cute


I think yours may be next Sunday???

4 weeks ago

Image result for Hi cute gif

I will be on Spring Break for a week (actually have some personal things happening this week) but thought Spring Break sounds like more fun smiley   So I'll be gone all week but I will be back the following week.  Have a Safe & Good One My Friend♥

4 weeks ago

L♥ved them both♥

4 weeks ago

TGIF wink

Image result for Happy Friday gif


Image result for Wild Weekend

1 month ago

Hi Roman

Really loving the group Northern Fleet yes  So Good

In the Sventoyar - Krashen Vechir Song You must tell me what the name of the instrument she was playing, i've some instruments similar (such as autoharp but not) but never have seen that one.  Do you know?  

I the incoming storm is not too bad for you all although you know I love snow wink smiley

Wishing you a Wonderful Day and Stay Safe Mei Friend smiley


This is a Gothic Symphonic Group I've come to like within the past 2 years.  This is a cut from their new cd from last year.

1 month ago

Thank you for posting the song Roman, like it alot smiley   Today is first day of Spring and I have all snow in my yard surpriselaugh

Image result for Welcome Spring images

1 month ago

Also, Lovely words to the song, you will have to post the song on my page when you have time so I can listen to it ♪♫♪heart

1 month ago

Hi Dear Roman,

I can't say I've had a flowery blue tea but have had blueberry tea but it never turned blue.  Pretty color for sure smiley

Those images you took are very nice and snowy.  We have had 2 Nor'easter's and the last one last week dumped 15 + inches of snow.  The one coming on Wednesday will miss us.  My husband has had it with shoveling for this year.  We don't have apartment complexes here in no man's land where I live. Single family houses are far and few between. There's miles and miles of country life here.  I use to live in the city but it was mostly 2 family houses so seeing what you have showed me feels very crowded.  I guess I'm spoiled now sad   I bet it is exciting to watch the many different variety of people though.  When I use to go to New York City I always found it interesting, walk fast and watch people.  There is nothing much new here except my husband who is already retired from his job of 39 yrs. in the postal service will be retiring from his get out of the house job as a bus monitor for handicapped and autistic children come September.  I'm looking forward to him permanently retiring, I think he's afraid he may get under my feet. lol  That's it for here for now.  Hope they clear the roads and travel is easy by you when it snows.  I like Cinnamon Apple Tea Myself, also a Ginger Tea too.

I've rambled on enough here Roman, Do Take Care and I know your job is very demanding of you.  Stay Strong and Be Well.

Image result for have a great week

Please, Tell Me It's Not Monday surprise


Have a Great Day smiley

Image result for Pretty Goth Woman

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