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About: I live in Russia. Age of 29 years. Zodiac sign - a scorpion. My user name - Vergilius - the conductor in hell depths. General doctor. I like to walk, photograph.

Interests: Medicine, photo

Favorite Music: Metal, Gothic metal, Symphonic metal

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3 days ago

Hope you get to have some fun this weekend 😀

Happy Friday!!!! Time to Party!!!!


Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!


1 week ago


Wishing you a Beautiful Week🙂


1 week ago

1 week ago

We have lots and lots of snow.  It is 6 Degrees Farenheit and I'm loving it!!!🙂

Happy Friday!!!!❤






1 week ago

Hello My Friend

Thank you for the Great AMAZING Video with subtitles in English.  Loved it♥  

As for the Move "IT" ... I love gothic and dark, however, I have always had a fear of Clowns and Puppets.  I don't watch movies with them.  😱

 It is always nice to see you stop by🙂

Have a Wonderful Day/Evening and Thank You



2 weeks ago

Time Lapse was a Beautiful Video and Composition.

I enjoyed Fun Mode very much.  Do you play in that band?

La Melopee de Falbala very beautiful voice.

Thank you for the beautiful words you included and for sharing my friend♥

This is a piece I use to play on my violin.  I hope you like🙂

2 weeks ago

I forgot to mention your tea sounds great.  I personally love any tea with berries in them.  I love teas with blueberries.  I usually have a cuppa daily.

You are a excellent photographer and you have many talents besides your occupation.  I like to paint wood as a hobby in a craft capacity.

What can I say except Monday always returns lol


Have A Wonderful Week♥


PS: I still have yet to listen to the music (I will as you always post great selections on my page) TTYS


2 weeks ago

Congratulations on your Promotion and I know Everyone is thankful to have such a Great Doctor to serve them.  I know you're time is limited on here so don't worry about responding as I know you will pass by when you have time :)  You must have much more responsiblity with your promotion.

I think we had the first coronavirus death in the USA although I'm not sure how it affects the big cities yet.

I just finished being on antibiotics Wednesday with upper respiratory.  I did get the flu shot so it could have been worse.

I love all the posts you put on my page but I will listen to them tomorrow when I'm wide awake.  It is night time here and yes, there is a full moon tonight.🙂


Your submissions are really good.  Thank you for sharing♥

Are you in band also?  I will look forward to listening to your music tomorrow and I will write you back.

The song I posted below is a song I like to listen to to get myself motivated. lol

Talk to you soon.


Nite Nite

2 weeks ago

So nice to see you🙂

Wishing you a Fabulous and Peaceful Sunday My Friend


3 weeks ago


Happy Weekend My Friend♥


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