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4 years ago

Im not sure what images you are talking about but if you look in the info section you will see "Submitted By:" if you see this they did NOT create the image. If you see "Created By:" they are the creators of the image. Also if there is a known author of the image you will see the authors name in green above "Submitted By:"

Hope this helps smiley

4 years ago

Hey i saw your post on bagpipegml's profile but it seems that user has been inactive for a while. A similar issue was posted on the forums involving the use of a image. The only difference for you is that you are using it for non-commercial use. From the forum post the conclusion is this: You can use the image as long as its for non-commercial use. If you are using it for commercial use then you cannot use it unless you get permission or it is specified in the post. Also this image was not created by bagpipegml so you dont really need his permission.

So yes i would say you can use the image in your video.

If you need more help just post on the forums