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About: I am an immortal being of great supernatural power. I am a friend of few and a Stranger to most, true friendship with me is a rarity, closest to me is Doctor Occult and Cassandra Craft. My secrets may never be revealed because I have walked my path for so long that even I cannot remember them. Member since : April 2015

Interests: I like a lot of images that are dark, dark and foggy forests, dark anime, gas mask and anonymous I also like comics like Romantically Apocalyptic and the TV show Game Of Thrones :)

Favorite Music: I like Adele, nothing that's loud, head banging and you can't understand the words :D

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3 months ago

Image result for FRIDAY cute gifs

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7 months ago

TGIF laugh

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Image result for Cool weekend gif

7 months ago

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7 months ago

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7 months ago

Thanks for your fav laugh Greetings


8 months ago

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Please, Tell Me It's Not Monday surprise


Have a Great Day smiley

Image result for Pretty Goth Woman

8 months ago

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for all the favorites yes

Enjoy your day/evening smiley

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8 months ago

Happy Friday smiley

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8 months ago

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8 months ago

Hi, I thanked Stevie for the dancing cat gif he sent to me and he gave you the credit for it. Thanks, love it!!  Also liked your Women's Day gifs, v nice. I never think to look at that category but will make a habit of it now.  TC (poor Broncos)!

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