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About: I am 20 Years old, Child Educator and from Germany. I love painting and photograph my environment, and also the things i like very much. - I always submit my own Pics, or Pics I edit. -

Interests: Painting, playing E-Bass, Longboarding, Traveling

Favorite Music: I like to hear all kinds of classic mixes and also Soundtracks from good movies. A very good Musical about Jesus:

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1 year ago
11110.jpg Merry christmas my friend smiley
2 years ago

Thank you smiley

2 years ago
2 years ago

Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy christmas, take care my friend. smiley

2 years ago

Hi, thanks for faning me, have a great day/night my friend smiley

2 years ago

Hi Nzuri_Nyota, thanks for the fav, I appreciate it smiley

Yes it is nice to meet another christian here, have a great week.


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Magickal Graphics
2 years ago

hey there it's wonderful to see another christian here!