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Apply For The Creator Program

Alpha Coders Creators is a program designed to support artists.
In short: Visits to your submissions earns you income, paid out via Paypal.

Benefits of being an Alpha Coders Creator
  • You earn $0.20 for every 1,000 unique visitors to your account per day.
  • Payments are made via Paypal. The minimum payout is $5.
  • Your creator stats update in real time. Tell some friends to visit - and watch your views increase!

How to apply:

Send an email to

  1. Please put 'Alpha Coders Creator Application' as the subject of the email.
  2. Please include your Alpha Coders username, and make sure the email you are sending the email from matches the email on your Alpha Coders account.
  3. Include two examples of submissions that meet the qualifications for being in the Alpha Coders Creators program.

That's it! - we normally respond and approve valid applications within a day.

Rules, Regulations, and Info


  • To qualify as a creator you must create your own artwork, or take your own photography.
  • To receive payments you must have a valid Paypal account.

Valid Content

  • Original Artwork
  • Original Fan Art (For example, your own artistic version of a character)
  • Transformative High Effort Fan Art. If you use assets from an anime, game, movie, or tv show, you would need to transform them enough that you have an original piece.
  • Things like minimalistic versions of other pieces ride the line of being creator content. In cases like these, your content needs to be high effort and transformative to qualify.
  • Your own art or photography that transforms other's CC0 content substantially.

Invalid Content

  • Other's CC0 content
  • Unedited, or slightly edited, versions of screenshots from anime, games, movies, tv shows
  • Collages
  • Color Edits
  • Any lower effort editing, not sufficiently transforming work.
The Key to content being accepted into the creator program is having transformative, high effort content.


What is the minimum payment amount?

$5.00 USD

What is your payment time frame?

Once your account has reached over $5.00 USD in earnings, please email requesting a payment. We typically send funds within a couple weeks of payments being requested. Please include the Paypal email for us to send funds to.

What does unique visitors to my account mean?

We don't pay via views to content - we pay per unique visitor to your content, per day. So someone refreshing a page over and over isn't going to make you rich.

As an example, lets say you have two friends, Harry and Bob. Harry and Bob both view, and comment on one of your original submissions from their own homes. You have 2 unique visitors for the day. If Bob goes to work/school and views some more of your content, you have an additional unique. Once midnight hits (The server's time zone is California), Harry and Bob could both visit again and be counted.

Do I need to stay active?

If you have approved creator content on Alpha Coders, you don't have to remain active. However, a creator account with no approved creator content will eventually have that privilege taken away. This cuts down on abuse.

Some examples of valid and invalid Alpha Coders Creator Content

Thumb ID: 795636
High quality, original representation of a game.
Thumb ID: 807606
  • If you took the picture of the city and mountain - Valid
  • If the city and mountain are other's CC0 Work - Invalid
  • If you took the picture of the mountain, and the city was other's CC0 work - Valid Most of the image is yours, and transformed CC0 content from others was used to accent it.
Thumb ID: 807540
Completely original, drawn artwork.
Thumb ID: 725342
Photo of your cat. Sweet. Totally original, and great.
Thumb ID: 731913
Standard screen shot from a video game. Video Game creator content needs to be high quality and/or transformative to be accepted.