Alpha Coders Alpha Coders Etiquette

Alpha Coders Etiquette


Alpha Coders is a community of people. People interacting with the things they love, and with each other. It's important for us to maintain a general a general level of community/respect among our members. Generally speaking, members who take away from, rather than contribute to, a good community will be removed from the community.


  • Anything disrespectful, hurtful, or provoking is not tolerated. So be nice.
  • Any issues like a ban are private matters and should not be discussed on our public forums.
  • Bans can only be removed by emailing us at

Forbidden Behaviors

Exploiting Alpha Coders systems to gain an unfair advantage over other users is prohibited. Please strive to work within the spirit of our systems. If you are unsure if something is considered an exploit, please ask. Examples of this include continuously rating your own content as an anonymous user, using an ACP exploit to gain an unfair advantage in raffles, etc

Interacting With Other Users

Generally speaking, the best place to take disagreements is private message. If someone is harassing you privately, please email/pm a mod/admin and save the harassing message. We will look into the issue. Everyone has different tastes and different standards; so keep public discussion neutral/positive.

Interacting With Moderators/Admins

It can't be stressed enough how important our moderators and administrators are. They help things run, and help our users. All moderators are hand picked, and many people are denied the privilege.

So be nice to our mods. If you disagree with something a mod is doing, disagree nicely. If you give a mod a hard time or make their job purposefully difficult, you will be banned.


Some people want to be part of a community. Other's don't care, or want it to be 'their' community. If you're a generally respectful person, and treat others with decency, then you will not have issues. If you are disrespectful and combative, you will be excluded from our community.