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Join Us At Alpha Coders!

Our Current Team
Founder of Alpha Coders

Interested In Joining Our Team?

As A Moderator:

Moderators are a cornerstone of keeping Alpha Coders running. There's always something to check up on, new things being submitted, and help needed!
  • Responsibilities
    • Help place new submissions.
    • Help categorize content.
    • Assist users with issues.
  • Benefits
    • Active moderators get a small monthly thank you bonus
      • +2,000 actions = $50
      • 1,000 actions = $30
      • 500 actions = $20
      • 100 actions = $10
      • 50 actions = $5
    • Moderator actions earn extra Alpha Coder Points.
    • Access to our admin Discord channel.
  • Requirements (How To Apply):
    • Have an active Alpha Coders account at least two weeks old
    • Have activity relevant to what you'll help with as a moderator. Examples include adding tags or submitting content with proper categorization.
    • Can communicate in English.
    • Can be professional when problems arise.
    • To Apply, please direct message Phaethon (phaethonac) on our Discord once your account has met the above requirements. Our moderator team uses Discord to communicate, so it's a required first step, as we'll want new moderators online and active so the rest of the team can offer help.

As A Developer:

Currently Alpha Coders is developed Phaethon. We can always use more help with bug fixing and overall site development. Additional developer positions are internship/volunteer work. Our site revenue is based on advertising, so it's incredibly difficult to time if/when our site will have the funds for another developer level position. So please apply with the expectation of this being a fun learning experience.
  • Suggested Skills
    • Proficient with PHP, MySQL, and Laravel.
    • Familiarity with linux, ssh, and git.
    • Being good at ui design (css, javascript, html) is a huge bonus.
    • Can communicate in English.
  • Responsibilities
    • Helping to improve the sites
    • Depending on skill level, we can assign small simple tasks, large tasks, or the dev can suggest their own work
  • Benefits
    • Small team, great supportive learning experience
    • We'll use whatever resources we have to give back for the help
  • Requirements (How To Apply):
    • All of the above moderator requirements
    • Please take a small component of Alpha Coders - a button, a box, etc - and have an example of how you would improve it. This could be as simple as changing things like spacing and font alignment, or as complicated as you would like. But please keep it to a single site component.
    • To Apply, please direct message Phaethon (Phaethon#2478) on our Discord once your account has met the above requirements. Our moderator team (and so any developers too) use Discord to communicate.