Alpha Coders Join Us At Alpha Coders!

Join Us At Alpha Coders!

Our Current Team
Founder of Alpha Coders
Programmer and Organizational Lead
Community Manager

Interested In Joining Our Team?

As A Moderator:

Moderators are a cornerstone of keeping Alpha Coders running. There's always something to check up on, new things being submitted, and help needed!
  • Requirements:
    • Has an active Alpha Coders account at least two weeks old
    • Has activity relevant to what you'll help with as a moderator. Examples include adding tags, helping improve categorization, or submitting content with proper categorization.
    • Can communicate in English.
    • Can be professional when problems arise.
  • Responsibilities
    • Help place new submissions.
    • Help categorize content.
    • Assist users with issues.
  • Benefits
    • Active moderators get a small monthly thank you bonus
      • +2,000 actions = $50
      • 1,000 actions = $30
      • 500 actions = $20
      • 100 actions = $10
      • 50 actions = $5
    • Moderator actions earn extra Alpha Coder Points.
    • Access to our Slack team.

As A Developer:

Currently Alpha Coders is developed by two users, David West and cdd. We are looking to get additional help with bug fixing and overall site development. Alpha Coders is full time work for our two developers, and it could be for you too. Developer positions start as internship work, but have the potential to grow into a paid position. We will look at every application individually. The most important thing is to be dedicated.
  • Requirements
    • Proficient with PHP, MySQL, and Laravel.
    • Familiarity with linux, ssh, and git.
    • Being good at ui design (css, javascript, html) is a huge bonus. We are open to onboarding an UI Developer.
    • Can communicate in English.
  • Responsibilities
    • Completing tasks assigned to you by both DavidWest and cdd.
  • Benefits
    • 3rd developer on a growing and active website.
    • Has the potential to become a paid position.

If you are interested please send an email to stating how you would like to help out, what your qualifications are, and your time availability.