Alpha Coders About Us

About Us

Alpha Coders is an image discovery platform. Share the things you create, or share the things you love.

We are a small team from all over the world that love elevating the image discovery experience. Contact us by email at , or hop in and chat with us on our Discord

To help people share and discover, we are separated out into different sub-sites that focus on specific types and shapes of images. We outline those below. We also believe strongly in focusing our pages on what you came here for: the images. Good titles, reasonable tags, relevant information for the image(s) being presented, and not much else.

About Wallpaper Abyss
  • Focused on discovering desktop computer wallpapers and backgrounds.
  • Here you'll find our content is heavily curated so that when you set it as your desktop, it looks great.

About Art Abyss
  • It's all art here! Less worry about resolutions and sizes, and 100% focus on what people are creating.
  • Sometimes art speaks to you - sometimes it doesn't. But it will speak to someone, so share your creations even if you are just starting out.

About Avatar Abyss
  • We all have an online presence. The focus here is to find images specially created for the various forums and other places where an avatar identifies you.

About Game Abyss
  • An ancillary sub-site that helps add value to images from video games.
  • It's great to find an amazing image of a video game - but it's even better if that image shows information about that game, and how you can play it.

About Gif Abyss
  • Moving images! They are so different from static images, that they have this home all to themselves
  • As the web moves forward, and the formats of gifs change, we endeavor to keep up, and format gifs in ways people find useful.

About Image Abyss
  • Want an easy breesy sharing and discovery experience? This is the place.
  • As you can probably see, most of our sub-sites are very focused. Image Abyss isn't. And that's the point.
  • Who knows what images you'll discover here!

About Mobile Abyss
  • Computer wallpapers used to just mean desktop wallpapers. Not any more!
  • As phones become more and more popular, we separated out mobile sized images
  • Sort by your phone, or your phone's resolution. Every image here matches a resolution for an actual phone.

About Movie Abyss
  • An ancillary sub-site that helps add value to images from movies.
  • If an image of a movie speaks to you, imagine how much the actual movie might! We don't have any movies here, but we're sure Amazon, Netflix, or another site will!

About Tv Abyss
  • An ancillary sub-site that helps add value to images from tv shows.