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Alpha Coders F.A.Q.

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Can I Use This Wallpapers/Art/Photography/etc For My Projects?

You may only use Alpha Coders content for personal, private use, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise on that piece of content's page. If you REALLY want to use an image for a non personal and/or commercial project, please follow these guidelines:
  • Attempt to contact the person that submitted the content. If it says 'created by' you are talking to the author. If it says 'shared by', the piece was submitted by a fan of the work.
  • If the piece was submitted by a fan of the work, we recommend using a reverse image search tool to try and locate the original author. Two good ones are Tineye and Google's Search By Image.

How Do I Embed Images/Video In Comments?

To Embed a Youtube video:
  • On Youtube, click share, and then click embed. Copy the embed code.
  • In Alpha Coders editor hit the 'youtube' button, and copy the embed code.
To Embed an Image
  • In Alpha Coders editor hit the 'image' button, and insert the url of the image.
  • You can also use HTML: Click source, put in an image tag: <img src="">, and click source again.

Who Makes Alpha Coders?

Alpha Coders is coded by David West and cdd with moderation/administration help from our amazing Moderator Team. Without their help Alpha Coders wouldn't be nearly as developed as it is.