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Alpha Coders F.A.Q.

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What is Alpha Coders?
Alpha Coders is a place for content creators and fans to come together, and create a wonderful place to showcase wonderful content. We are mostly known for images, but want Alpha Coders to be a great place for all types of wonderful content.
How is Alpha Coders Organized?
We separate submissions out into types:
  • Wallpapers - High quality large images suitable to fill entire desktop monitors
  • Art - Showcase level drawn images, and artistic edits
  • Images - Images of all sizes and qualities welcome.
You can view the rules for specific content types here
Disallowed Content
Alpha Coders is considered a family friendly website. So we don't allow nude images, regardless of artistic merit. To fully fund and support everything, we need to be in a position where we can show advertisments. If you would like to be part of helping us be less reliant on advertisers, please consider supporting us via our Patreon
I create things - what's for me at Alpha Coders?
We love having content creators directly submit their work. We have a Creator program, and we'll pay you for unique views to your submissions!
I like to share things I find
Don't worry we love you to! Responsible sharers are part of what makes the internet such an amazing place. We pride ourselves on having well curated content. Knowing the correct categorization and author information makes submissions glow. You can check out our sumissions rules here and our terms for uploading here
How do I get started?
  1. Sign Up or Login to an Alpha Coders Account
  2. Head To The Submission Page
  • You will need to agree to our rules and terms before you can upload.
  • Users are initially limited to 25 submissions waiting for moderator approval at a time
  • We have a trusted user system where users who know the rules have submissions skip moderation.
  • Most active users are trusted; it's a good goal to have, and can happen quickly for responsible users.
How can I use the images found at Alpha Coders?
You may only use Alpha Coders content for personal, private use, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise on that piece of content's page. If you REALLY want to use an image for a non personal and/or commercial project, please follow these guidelines:
  • Attempt to contact the person that submitted the content. If it says 'created by' you are talking to the author. If it says 'shared by', the piece was submitted by a fan of the work.
  • If the piece was submitted by a fan of the work, we recommend using a reverse image search tool to try and locate the original author. Two good ones are Tineye and Google's Search By Image.
What are Alpha Coders Points?
Most actions will earn you Alpha Coders Points (ACP). ACP can be used in our monthly raffle for cool prizes!