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Important Rules
  • You cannot win consecutive raffles. Effectively this means you can only buy tickets for one raffle at a time, and winning a raffle means you can't buy tickets in the next one.
  • Farming AC Points will get your account permanently banned
  • Items can only be shipped to the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S. you can participate in the raffle and we will work with you to get you an equivalent gift
  • Additional terms can be found here. Purchasing raffle tickets means you agree to these terms

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It's A Raffle! A lucky person like you could win:

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This Raffle Ends 3 days from now ( Morning of Jun 1st )

Special Tag Raffle!

Tag content! Submit great, relevant tags to content, and get entered into one of many raffles!

You can tag content on all of the sites. Wallpapers, art, images, etc.

Scoring Url:

This Contest Ends 3 days from now ( Morning of Jun 1st )

Wallpaper Submission Prizes!

On every 5,000 wallpaper milestone, there will be a prize. You increase your % chance of winning the prize by submitting more wallpapers.

So there will be a prize at 640,000 wallpapers, 645,000 wallpapers, etc. 

There will be LARGER prizes every 25,000 wallpapers - with the next one being 650,000 wallpapers.

Prize Info: Winnings are paid via Gift Card or Paypal. You will be automatically Private Messaged if you win.

This Contest Ends 2017 years ago ( Morning of Nov 30th )

Admin Contests

Contest With No Winner - and not active
Type: bounty
Ending at: 2017-05-01 03:00:00
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It's a Special Bounty Contest!

Here's how this works! We have bounties on sub categories and tags. When you submit content, or tag content matching a bounty, you earn a point!

This Special Raffle has over $60 in prizes!

Here are the bounties: The Bounties!

Scoring URL: Bounty Scoring

This Contest Ends 3 weeks ago ( Morning of May 1st )

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