Alpha Coders Premium Features and Benefits


Or $20/year via Paypal!

Please note that after your subsription goes through, we'll manually have to update a few things, and should usually get to this within an hour or two. One of the quirks of a small independant team :) We really appreciate your support and patience!
An Ad Free Experience

No Silly Ads To Distract From Amazing Images

An Improved Site Layout

With no ads taking up space, we can show you content first. Always. Wallpapers at the largest size that will fit in your browser immediately. Appreciate art without distraction.

Generate Images With AI

Create Art or Pfp with AI

Every premium account also comes with 100 image credits per month to generate AI Images using Stable Diffusion! ( full hd wallpaper sizes generated in AI aren't yet supported, but are coming!)
Support Independent Site Owners

Support Truly Independent Site Creators

When you support us, you're not supporting some heartless big corporation. You're supporting a small, independant site. There's no VC funding here, just a couple of guys and a wonderful team of volunteers keeping the dream alive.
Premium Support

Premium Support Via A Private Discord Channel

If you ever have a problem with the sites, your issues are addressed first. Want to just pick the brain of our team and owner? With a dedicated premium channel in our Discord, you can!
Increased Limits

Your Forever Wallpaper Home

Storing everything takes up space. The submissions, the ratings, the favorites. We increase general limits side-wide from 10,000 entries, to 50,000 entries. 50,000 submissions + 50,000 likes + 50,000 favorites, etc. It adds up to several hundred thousand entries! With even a tiny bit of curation, you can safely store all your finds, favorites, and liked content for years and years to come. If even this sounds restrictive, we can work on effectively unlimited access for a custom fee.
Other Benefits

  • If you block users (Your Profile > Profile Settings > Edit Your Blocked Users), their submissions won't show on our newest wallpaper page (useful if there are a few heavy submitters with content you don't prefer)
  • You become cooler

A Final Note

We've been around for over a decade, and don't plan on going anywhere. Your support directly contributes to keeping small, independant publishers like us alive and well. Each individual premium subscription may not seem like a lot, but combined it goes a long way towards helping us stay independant, and being able to support and grow the site.

Thank You.