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About: Hi my name... Nickname is Kirito and I'm 20 years old. I'm very curious boy, I love images, Wallpaper, Anime, Cartoons (like Phineas & Ferb, Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa). I love scientific world and computer are my life.

Interests: I love reading some classic books (like Sherlock Holmes) but I love dystopic books (like Divergent), I don't love "love story" and similar books (I'm terrified). I love anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Meitantei Konan, Sword Art Online, ReZero, ... Also I play video games like Roblox, Heroes of the Storms, and lots of Steam games...

Favorite Music: I love music at all but specific rhythm make me feel special... I don't know how to describe what I fell and what type of rhythm... So I love music as music, not specific artist, not specific genre or something else... Music is Music.


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