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Website: Youtube

About: I flop around Youtube and Alpha Coders. I don't have any other social media account. (I go under the same name in both)

Interests: I like watching anime, and a select few Youtubers. I like to mess around with video, audio, and images to make them look better/sound better/taste better. I like computers and cars (weird mix I know) and my overall goal is to have a good understanding of both. Another minor thing, if I finish a show, and I like it, I find at least 1 wallpaper based off the show and add it to a wallpaper cycle on my computer, which has... 296 wallpapers when I typed this. (I joined this site sometime in mid October of 2017)

Favorite Music: Like some rock, some songs I run into watching anime, and some other stuff i can't quite categorize.

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4 years ago

Image result for Merry Christmas from our house to yours images


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Image result for christmas hugs




5 years ago


Image result for We made it to Friday gif




Image result for Cool weekend gif

5 years ago

Image result for Happy Easter Cute

5 years ago

Image result for Happy Friday gif


Image result for Wild Weekend

5 years ago

Image result for have a great week

Please, Tell Me It's Not Monday 😮


Have a Great Day 🙂

Image result for Pretty Goth Woman

5 years ago

Happy Friday 🙂

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5 years ago

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5 years ago

Did your computer go bonkers again? Hope to see you back soon 🙂

Image result for Happy Friday


Image result for Wolf Weekend

5 years ago

Image result for Monday funny images

Image result for Monday and good week



5 years ago

Sending my Friday and Weekend Wishes Early as they are predicting we will lose electricity and get 18 plus inches in our area with the Nor'easter of heavy wet snow that will actually "is" hitting us currently through Saturday at 1 AM.  Snow wasn't suppose to start until tomorrow morning, however, with me in high elevation one never knows 😃

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