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About ShuOuma:

Website: DeviantArt

About: My Every Upload I Don't Owe. That Belongs to The Creators.

Interests: There is Nothing That Makes Me Interesting. I'm also a creator. But If You Talk About My Choice. I'am a WEEB. I Like Anime More Than Anyone Cause I'm an OTAKU......

Favorite Music: Charlie Puth, Eminem, Drake, Rihanna, Machine Gun Kelly, Wiz Khalifa...........

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21 hours ago




3 days ago

Hi ShuOuma

Happy Friday!!!!!


May your weekend be filled with Hope, Love, Happiness and Prayers during this trying time in the World.🙏

Please Stay Safe and Healthy My Friends and Your Families💛


6 days ago

I'm feeling devilish and this is the fun part of snow ☃



Even dogs make snow angels LOL



6 days ago

I want to share this image with you.  It is not personally taken by me but it is similar to where I live in the country.

It is so still and pure and the birds are always active at 5 in the morning and 5 at night when it is their feeding time.  It's like a blanket of purity, pure white untouched or shall I stay unstepped in until I let my dog out LOL


Enjoy your day♥

Northern Canada gets more snow than me.  It would be a wonderful thing for me to take a train trip called Rocky Mountaineers where they stop at Lake Baniff, Lake Jasper and a few others during a fall excursion but you most like would find snow.  It is one of my dream vacations to do.  I hope you get to experience the beauty and wonders of snow some day.  Thank You for All.

1 week ago


I have Good News to share with you.  One is that my daughter in law's co-worker tested "NEGATIVE" as she called last night....Woo Hoo.

The other thing that makes me Excited and Happy is that we have "SNOW"!!!!!!  (, Just Love Snow) ☃

May you and your family's Have a Healthy, Safe Week Ahead.  Blessing to All.  Stay Strong💜


1 week ago

Hi Shu! I've read your comment on Sharon's profile. I'm happy you're safe, really. Remember! Be strong!

1 week ago


I'm glad your test results were negative, please continue to distance yourself and stay safe.

New York is now on lockdown as well as the state of California and Illinois.


1 week ago

May you and your family stay well and healthy.

Well just when you thought things couldn't get worse we had a power outage for 8 hours yesterday.  Their reason was to prepared for today's wind. Go Figure?  I don't see any wind outside. 🌪  So much for my slow cooker rice pudding that never got cooked.   As I have told some of you that 2 people had COVID 19 in our county and that number is up to 6 with many being tested and more in isolation and that at least 2 of these people being from the college my daughter in law works for as they did not disclose where the other 4 were from.  This morning I received an email from my daughter-in-law that one of her co-workers is being test for COVID 19.  We are always in close contact with our daughter in law (every Saturday). Hopefully he will not test positive so I need everyone's prayers he doesn't test positive.  Sorry for asking but I believe in the power of prayer.🙏

On a Happier Note, It is Friday so even though we are all going through the same thing we have to try and stay positive 😉

So shake those hips and join me in the Friday Dance LOL


2 weeks ago


Wishing You and Yours A Beautiful, Healthy and Safe Week ♥


2 weeks ago

Happy Friday the 13th......? 😨


Wishing You and Your Families a Safe & Beautiful Weekend💜


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