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Website: Steam : My backgrounds for Wallpaper Engine

About: Hi ! I'm a cyberpunk girl, I'm French, and I really love the cyberpunk world and style ! Fighting the oppression of a tyrannical and oppressive government is my goal in life. I want to make people smile and make cease their tears. It's time to say "No" to the dictature, and say "Yes" to the Liberty. Be united, be strong, scream what you want to say, and take what is your right to have. What they don't want to hear, we will scream it, and what they don't want to give us, we will take it. We are one voice, we are a nation, and we have a message. It's time for us to make them hear our message, our voice, the voice of the People. We are Unity, and we are free. It's our right to be free. No one have the right to tell us what we have to be, what we have to believe, and what we have to become. We have to rise up, it's our Resistance, they can't resist us. When the people fear their governments, there is Tyranny. When the governments fear the people, there is Liberty. Be free is not a crime. Its our world and they can never have it, we have to build it together. If you have the chance to write the history, take this chance. Believe in you, believe in your dreams, they are you, and only you can make them real. So now, raise your fist to the sky and shout, "I am free". We are born on our knees, we have grown on our knees, but now, we will live standing up. Falling is an accident, staying on the ground is a choice.

Interests: Listening musics while I dream of a better world, a world that is happy and who smile.

Favorite Music: Fisheye Placebo - Theme song | Wasted Penguinz - Make It One Day | 50 Hz & Euphorizer - Unity & Peace | Adaro - Flame Up High | Amaranthe - Digital World | Amaranthe - The Nexus | Art Frequency feat. Surron - Here To Stay | Awakening by Cryptex | Bass Modulators - Imagine | B-FREQZ - The Story | Black Veil Brides - Wake Up | Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Imaginary | Citizen Soldier - Soldier | Cloud Eight - This Is Our World | D-Sturb & MC Nolz - Conflict Override | Ecstatic ft. Krigarè - Rise Up | Envine & Scabtik - Legends Of Tomorrow | From Ashes To New - My Name | Helix & Hardstyle Pianist feat. Elyn - Liberty | Here We Are - Icon For Hire | Lektrique - VIRUS | Les Friction - Firewall | Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus | Nancy Silva Project - Disconnected | Obsidia - A New World | Omnia - CYBERPUNK | Phuture Noize - Black Mirror Society | Phuture Noize - We Are The Future | Red - Unstoppable | PRDX - Disconnected | Rephase - Powerfull | Richard Markz - Believe In Your Dreams | SDMS & 2nd Life - Invincible | Shaman's Harvest - Ten Million Voices | She - Break The Silence | Skillet - The Resistance | Snavs - Won't Let Us | SoulExtract - Superheros | State of Mine - Rise | Sub Zero Project x LXCPR - Unity | Sub Zero Project x Phuture Noize - We Are The Fallen | The Anix - Black Space | The Anix - Ephemeral Mask | The Anix - Fight The Future | The Anix - This Machine | Theo Gobensen - Digital Reality | Tokio Hotel - Masquerade of Heroes | Toneshifterz - We Are The Solution | Tristam - Till It's Over | Twisted Melodiez & N3bula ft. Gladys - Shut This Down | Bishu - Eyes Wide Open | Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Lifetheory Remix) | Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Viks Sideburns Remix) | Blue Stahli - Metamorphosis (Voicians Remix) | NOIXES - Don't Wanna Wake Up | Prismo - In My Mind | Tokyo Machine - Play

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