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Website: My Anime list

About: I like Alot of Anime every thing is a 10 out of 10 to me I like Watching Old Anime and pass my free time Reading Manga Watching Hentai also Reading doujinshis and Light Novels i Also love Magical Girl Anime's there my most favourite Anime to Watch i Find them Overly Adroble And Cute I also like Dark Animes like Horror and Really Gore but i dont really injoy Nudity but i dont Really care about that stuff i get through those anime quite easy I dont Really watch Mecha but I'll only Watch anime if im most interested I injoy 3D Anime movies and i really injoy Live Action anime movies aswell Also my Favourite Cartoons are Avatar the last airbender powerpuff girls And RWBY i also like Steven universe And kinda Legend of korra i also love the Samurai JACK series

Interests: Ms paint art Watching Anime

Favorite Music: Japanes frence german

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3 years ago

The second option😉