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1 year ago

I"ll be taking a few days away from Alphacoders to prepare for the holidays.

Just wanted to wish you and your Loved Ones A Very Merry Christmas🎄

Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone 💚

Gif ID: 692


2 years ago

Happy Friday!!!!❤






2 years ago

I haven't been into watching Tennis since Bjorn Borg of Sweden played and that must have been in the 80's, maybe 70's.  

I wish I could get into it again but my hub likes to watch it.  I'm foreign when it comes to Tennis.

Now Football/Soccer that's another subject lol  I can't get enough of that no matter who's playing.

Enjoy watching the matches 👍

2 years ago

Happy Friday♥


And Weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


2 years ago


I have good news to tell.  I've freed some space over the weekend for favoriting wallpapers and rating up again as there the threshold for both is 80,000 so I went into both.  I still have a long way as I only accomplished 200 pages of each but I can once again feel comfortable voting and favoring 🙂

I sincerely "Thank" everyone for their support and friendship in this mission as it is tedious but worth it in the end.  If I erroneously deleted a rating or favorite on one of your wallpapers it was not intentionally but because my eyes were probably boggled from looking at close to 8,000 wallpapers in 2 days (close to 4,000 in ratings and 4,000 in favorites).  My sincerest apologies.

Have a Great Day❤


2 years ago