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6 hours ago

You're right I did do some things but the game was not worth cutting into my reading time....Roma lost 4-1 in a Penalty Shootout.  I have 2 Champion games next week, plus the dentist and another party Thursday since everyone is on vacation for 2 weeks plus more. 

Today I will definitely be busy cleaning, laundry, the usual.  I'm more energized.


 At least I don't have to make this weeks birthday cake as my son always gets a Carvel Ice Cream Cake. 




1 day ago

I don't find looting ships is good excuse not to help me but i guess it's the thought that counts.😝

I hope you're hiding your loot well because I hear there's a thief amongst you.😬  You never know who you can trust these days.😄


This is how I feel today....


I guess I'll cram everything in the weekend🤔  I need like 2 more days of sleep.  Not happening.


PS: If I went to bed at 8 pm I wouldn't be tired this morning.  Maybe I'll try that.

1 day ago

Thank You Take Care 

2 days ago

Another party done and another one just days away.....😎

I'll be walking in a fog like a zombie doing things automatically.  I have much to do today.  I don't have time for a slow down.


This is one of those weeks I could use an extra day.

Don't you wake up during the night? well....maybe you don't...but when you get my age you don't sleep the whole night through.

Such is life.






2 days ago

Hi,Happy Monday! I hope you have a wonderful week..

3 days ago

Thank You....

Oh Yeah!  It's that time.  First to remember those who died and then heat up the grill and party!!!


The weather couldn't be any nicer.  You never know what to expect 😈


So last night or should at say at 2:30 this morning I looked out the window and there was momma skunk and a racoon next to each other chowing down side by side in harmony. Now that was a cute sight to behold.

Have a Great Week!!!


4 days ago

I'm so glad you have such confidence in me 🙄  Just think if you were around when I did and things went bad, you'd be in the same predicament as me then😝  I know if a dog gets skunked you're suppose to wash them in tomato juice and/or tomato sauce but I bet you didn't know that.


I guess the same would apply to people.  I did read you can use Dawn Detergent and baking soda which is an updated version of the remedy😲

I'll be busy in the kitchen prepping things and watching soccer today.



PS: Yep he would cook more but he's still in the planning phase.   You have to defrost stuff before you can cook it. 😉

5 days ago

I've been feeding the wild animals all winter.  The skunk clawed through the ice to get the treats that were frozen underneath.  Well last night I discovered another baby skunk.  He or She is mostly all white and such a cutie so now I have momma and baby coming and they still haven't sprayed yet.  I shine my flashlight at them and they don't move.  The baby comes around 7:30 pm and the momma comes around midnight. They only spray if they feel threatened.  I wish I could go up to the baby one and pet it.  Maybe one day.....🤔


A stripper for a birthday party.....I don't think so.  It's not a bachelor party it's a birthday party....duh.

Hub likes cooking since he retired.  Today he's making chicken involtini.  Monday is the BIGGG barbecue.


The only thing my son won't touch anymore is barley tomato soup.  I gave it to him once when he was young and it stuck in his braces.  He's never gotten over that.🙄

6 days ago

How come that idea didn't work with you or did it for the last party? LOL 😝

Right now it 30 degrees and we had to bring all the plants in again last night.  Still no sign of snow😕

Well I've decided on Baked Beans as a side in a slow cooker, Sun Dried Tomato Hummus with capers; Cheesy Roasted cauliflower and broccoli and Deviled Eggs.  I made butter pecan ice cream yesterday so i'm pretty much all squared away for the weekend.

Try this, I hope it doesn't melt by the time you get here 😯


I'm not going to panic this time....


Next weekend may be a different story though, the BIG 40 for my son.




1 week ago

No, I can't expect too much from wee Mia especially that there will be food around.  She will be preoccupied begging for food.


No Giroud's team didn't make it to the final. Well of course my team didn't win.  See what happens when I don't use a spell.  I've been slacking with my spells as it uses up all my energy with what little energy I have at this age.🧙

Why did I know you were going to mention the order of the colors🤔  I must be psychic





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