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14 hours ago

Happy Mardi Gras!! Woo Hoo!





Hang in there cdd haha!



When I used the term "suave" I was just trying to make you feel good 😝

1 day ago

Relax?  How can I with Mardi Gras tomorrow.


just keeping the party non-stop, and then Wednesday I"ll relax.


Did anyone ever tell you that you're a suave dancer? 🕺😛

1 day ago


Have a Great Week Ahead....



1 day ago

Happy Week 💙


3 days ago

Oh Noooo What Have You Done to Gumby?  😝

I will cast a spell to save him lol


Don't forget to save me a dance.


That's if you're not too tipsy 😏



3 days ago

You better watch out for Gumby 😃


3 days ago

Dah... What part don't you understand....that you're crew are skalawags; that you should eat fish being a pirate and captain, you only need rum to sustain yourself or do you just eat veggies lol 😝

4 days ago

Hi Cdd

What do you mean you're not a fan of fish.  Are you not a Pirate???   All Pirates eat from the Sea.....You Shock Me 😲

Don't worry it won't be all fish 😝  There will be plenty of Rum.  A sunny weekend in store for us as well 🌞

Time to pull out the barbecue.


Well you know where it's happening this weekend 👍


Happy Friday!!!! Time to Party!!!!


Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!


Not to worry, we'll have meat for you skalawags 


4 days ago

Have a great weekend cdd


5 days ago

Hi Cdd

I think in your case it would be hard to look like someone or something else 😝

Going back 8 yrs. ago there use to be an Italian restaurant in town that I use to go to and they had a Gondola as a Salad Bar so I will make use of the boat the crew didn't want to use.  I understand the rowing would be too back breaking for them.

Unfortunately, the restaurant with the Gondola closed because of Gambling debts.  :(   There was another excellent Italian restaurant I went to that closed down for the same reason.  Hillary Clinton and Actress Whoopi Goldberg use to go their as well  :(  What's with the Italians and their Gambling??????

The possibilities to utilize the boat is endless especially a boat of that size. lol  I think you and the crew would enjoy it filled with food🙂


I must get busy today as the weekend is closing in .  

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