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9 hours ago

Thank You So Much cdd for making me trusted again. I really appreciate it.

20 hours ago

Image result for Sunday relaxation gifs

I whipped up a pineapple strudel for hub to take to Ping Pong this morning, it was a spur of the moment thingee cause I had leftover phyllo dough.

Now I'm shipped (oh I mean whipped) lol but I gotta keep going

Image result for energizer rabbit gif images

My company cancelled last night sad

Oh, I am called to Grand Jury Duty on January 2nd.  This is the 3rd time they called me.  They called me to report last year on Jan. 2, 2018 and  you are allowed to cancel for 6 months so I said I wouldn't be available until July 2nd and then they wanted me to report Sept. 10th but I was getting surgery and the doctor had to send them verification so yesterday I get summons to report Jan 2 2019.  They must love me♥


I'm going to start the New Year Grumpy angry

2 days ago

It's Saturday!!!! laugh laugh laugh

Time to get into that Christmas Spirit as we are winding down to Christmas.

Image result for Funny getting into the Christmas Spirit animated gifs


Image result for Funny getting into the Christmas Spirit animated gifs

Related image

Are you in the spirit now?...

Image result for Funny getting into the Christmas Spirit animated gifs


2 days ago

Now something like with dancing... that would work for me but for you...hmmm? Try this at home laugh

It will be Okay wink

Image result for Home Alone Kevin coming down the stairs on a sled gif

Nite Nite


2 days ago

Oh Cdd,

Whatever am I ever going to do with you?  That post didn't look holiday mood at all.  No liveliness, not holidaycious at all sad

Perk Up, Wake Up, It's Friday!!!!! cheeky

Image result for happy friday

I got it, you need another Christmas Song.... devil

I can see this song is you hahahaha! laugh


3 days ago

Hello - I'm going to get you in the Christmas Mood

Related image

Yes, have one. First batch done -hiccup!

Image result for Rum ball images

4 days ago

St. Lucy's Day is religious holiday celebrated in Sweden (God Jul) and in some parts of Italy (Sainta Lucia). My hub always celebrated it so we carry on the tradition of the Feast and Crown.

They make saffron bread shaped like crowns with real candles for the Feast of St. Lucy and some wear the crown with real candles on their head.  If I have enough rum I will try it smiley

Image result for December 13th St. Lucia day

Image result for December 13th St. Lucia bread crown images day

See you tomorrow, gotta go for now smiley

I already had a nap this afternoon. lol

4 days ago

Well Cdd I think that's very kind of you to bring extra rum and a brilliant idea at that.  Glad you all will be able to come.

You see, I have a problem deciding which one to put in the rum balls because I have 3 kinds: Spiced, Clear and Aged Rum so I need to decipher which will hold a more power punch..Hiccup

Image result for woman drinking rum gifs

We are also celebrating St. Lucy's Day tomorrowangel.  Being a pirate you should like spaghetti and clams laugh

4 days ago

Hi Captain

Tomorrow is "thee" day, so bring the crew and start the brew.

Rum Ball Making Day. Yo Ho Ho 


Hiccup, oops I must have started the rum tasting already cheeky

5 days ago


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