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About: I am 17 years old, and love the internet.

Interests: I love playing video games with my friends, and effing love playing any sport I can.

Favorite Music: I like tech,trance,rock,rap,pop... The list goes on and on...

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10 years ago
As the full moon begins it's rise. Deep within the oceans depths. Souls ascend on urgent tides. Like pearls a mermaid once had

10 years ago
"The greatest treasures human beings possess are their own illusions". Argue for your limitations and you'll allow yourself to keep them. Have a safe and inspired week everyone! ADNEYUMKDFTEzoaornyxnu1302493851422.jpg

10 years ago
5 straight weeks of rain! Wettest March on record! Would a little bit of sun be to much to ask for? Just about time to start building an Ark! Have a wonderful (dry) week everyone. }:8) VWGMPMKHWBPfaykrgnzsdw1301958103827.jpg

10 years ago Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

10 years ago
I think that the following images can be applied in response to Ex Deo's lovely animated smoochy Babushka lady. (Ex Deo, being ever so the gentlewoman that she is known for, graced me with the presence of said Babushka on my profile page as well.) 😃 I blame my resulting blindness upon her. 😉206lhrd.jpg35jjwc3.jpgwhite-msn-buddy-emoticons-13.gif

10 years ago
Love Guildwars and Kekai Kotaki's Art