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About: My friends are great, I have more then one. They can not sing and do not run, sometimes I miss them and that's no fun, I love my friends they are better then none. -Max-

Interests: Art, 3D design, gymnastics, more or less.

Favorite Music: Two steps from Hell, Nox Arcana.

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9 years ago

Thanks for the nice comment and wp fav 🙂

9 years ago

9 years ago
528.gif Come visit METAL SHOP DAILY on Neo Colony Abyss! 🙂 Not much there at the moment. Help us grow it!.

9 years ago
A choice to make.  And made, it said, eternal.
To weigh in opposition, juxtapose real and imagined.
The conflicts of a lifetime. Burdens of choice and action.
The road of consequence laid before me, tread countless times.
Sheathed within my soul, a blade forged in chaos.
No reason can dislodge, no hope sufficient to withdraw.
One last decision. The gift only I can bestow. A gift of honor.
Are these tears shed for me. Diamonds cascading into the waiting abyss.
A last touch. Spirit brothers of the wind caress me.
A final kiss. Light born of fire, now fading, warms my cheek.
A parting gesture. Ivory angels of the sky, their song surrounds me.
A choice is made. And made, it said, eternal.
A final thought to carry me home.  –AD
Duty is as heavy as a mountain. Death, as light as a feather.  –Robert Jordan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

9 years ago
thnx for the fav & comment

9 years ago
Thank you for favoriting one of my art uploads.  -AD

10 years ago
Thank you cat.gif

10 years ago
I've been uploading on Art Abyss...some wallpapers 🙂 it would be great if you checked them out 🙂

10 years ago
Thanks for the comments on my wallpaper 🙂


10 years ago
Thanx for the comments.