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About: I live in south east Queensland Australia which I love and appreciate as I am a migrant from the UK.

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2 days ago

Yeah 5 days to go and counting down....

Those cocktails if just what I needed🙂


Have a Safe & Lovely Weekend ♥


2 days ago

We have half Spain the same as Madrid. It seems we are at the North Pole ❄


Despedimos el invierno ¡Las mejores fotos invernales de Aragón!


El Gobierno activa la preemergencia por nevadas en León | Leonoticias

SORIA, Eventos, Fotos, anuncios y Vídeos de Soria.


La nieve en la provincia de Albacete | Fotogalería | Radio Albacete |  Cadena SER

2 days ago

happy weekend

6 days ago

Your brother is funny, I never heard of that one before, the flat earth society.   What year are we in again? lol

Have a Fabulous Week🙂


1 week ago

I think that's what they're worried about.  He has nuclear codes and since he's not attending the inauguration of Joe Biden they're thinking he may incite another storming at that ceremony by his followers.  This time security will be high and hopefully the FBI have arrested them by then as well.  The officer that you might have seen on the news being crushed in the doorway is expected to survive but will be healing for awhile from his injuries.  

The impeachment process may run past the inauguartion but they are making sure that is accountable for his action and pays the consequences of his actions and not be able to run for President again.  That is important.


1 week ago

The only thing that may be worth doing is to Impeach him so he cannot run for President again....

He is so scared as I know for one fact that the Attorney General of New York (a woman) will be coming after him for criminal charges that he cannot be pardoned for by anyone.  The Southern Tier of NY also has charges pending once he is a citizen again.  He'll be in and out of court for awhile.


I am trying to heal after this little by little.  Each day brings new hope.

1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

I think it is too late to start any legal action but heh, only 12 more days, let's hope they are peaceful. I have an awful image of a nuclear strike somewhere. I should not have read the Stephen King book The Dead Zone.

See the source image


1 week ago

Have a wonderful weekend 😊


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