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About: I live in south east Queensland Australia which I love and appreciate as I am a migrant from the UK.

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1 day ago


1 day ago

Hi Dee

Took a few days off from here.  Glad the move went well.  It takes a lot out of you and  you did it solo.  Bless You...

Thank You for the lovely post.

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2 days ago

Imagen relacionada

4 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago

Your welcome, hope it works smiley

6 days ago

Hi Dee. I'm glad you're back. Surely your cat now loves her new home laugh

Happy Sunday. Kisses kiss

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6 days ago

Hi Dee, nice to see you up and running again smiley

Yeah poor Townsville copped a beating and the poor farmers cant take a trick I feel so sorry for them. Its been too hot here for my liking but we didn't get the worst of the storm thank goodness.

So I post pictures mostly from here now I go anywhere on AC and right click on the image and then I left click on copy image location then click on the image square at the top of the comment box, right click on the URL then paste the URL there and click ok, you should have the image now.

The only other way I know is to host an image somewhere or do what I do and upload the image to Image Abyss and then do the same thing there.

Hope I explained it ok smiley

A avatar I created on Avatar Abyss smiley

Have a great week in your new place my friend smiley

6 days ago

1 week ago


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