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About: My names Brandon .. i'm 19 years old.. i just started making digital art at age 17 and learned tools to do so.. so my wallpapers may tend to be a little on the amateur side.. i was born in Philadelphia PA. and moved to Florida shortly after birth. ^-^

Interests: Games:Action, RPG, FPS, Horror, and Apocalyptic Especially Zombie Games >:D Movies:Zombie Movies >:D, and action.. Some Racing like need for speed ( for the Nice Cars :3) I found out i had a bit of a talent for making wallpaper so i'm going to try to get better at that and keep submitting my work.

Favorite Music: I'll give any song a listening to as long as it has a good beat to it not much cursing or anything along those lines and Definitely not anything close to Opra or country XD...

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8 years ago
Please read this forum post and add your support to it. Thank you. -AD
8 years ago
XD its alright.. thanks for the welcomeing and thanks for the consideration anyway ^-^ aswell as being my first fan..
8 years ago
Welcome to the Alphacoders sites. I'd vote on your art but I can't see the thumbnails yet while the server is rebuilding the data.  -AD