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About: My real first name is Connor. With an "or" not an "er" remember that... I go to a technical charter school. I try to put as much work as I can into my submissions, I add tags, names, and try to get the authors name. I use every background I submit so no crappy ones :\ I even make some of the backgrounds I submit so look out for those.

Interests: Photoshop, Gaming, Computers, Running half marathons, Building computers, Reading, Stuff.

Favorite Music: Mostly EDM, but I'm always up for something out of my league.

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7 years ago

good profile!    CK's

9 years ago

Time to Check submissions. ^_^

9 years ago

Thanks for the fan 😃

10 years ago
A choice to make.  And made, it said, eternal.
To weigh in opposition, juxtapose real and imagined.
The conflicts of a lifetime. Burdens of choice and action.
The road of consequence laid before me, tread countless times.
Sheathed within my soul, a blade forged in chaos.
No reason can dislodge, no hope sufficient to withdraw.
One last decision. The gift only I can bestow. A gift of honor.
Are these tears shed for me. Diamonds cascading into the waiting abyss.
A last touch. Spirit brothers of the wind caress me.
A final kiss. Light born of fire, now fading, warms my cheek.
A parting gesture. Ivory angels of the sky, their song surrounds me.
A choice is made. And made, it said, eternal.
A final thought to carry me home.  –AD
Duty is as heavy as a mountain. Death, as light as a feather.  –Robert Jordan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

10 years ago
Sorry about the broken images - I'm still working out a few of the last kinks in the new server configuration 🙂

10 years ago
Thanx for the fav's and comments. Poor Aragon, lolz. Welcome to the sites.  -AD


10 years ago
They have to be moderate before appearing online.

10 years ago
Our initials are the same Haha. My maiden name is Knight, my first name starts with a C. I am a girl🙂