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1 day ago


A sand snowman, really. LOL Loved it! All our snow is gone due to our 60 degree F weather yesterday. 😥

It is funny to hear the south where you live gets snow as the south here is where it is warmer and they don't get snow.  It's just the opposite by you.

Our country has now passed Italy in COVID 19 cases and our first teenager died in our country from it.  I hope your family continue to be well.

Happy Friday!!!!!


May your weekend be filled with Hope, Love, Happiness and Prayers during this trying time in the World.🙏

Please Stay Safe and Healthy My Friends and Your Families💛


3 days ago

Hey Gabriel

Of course I'll send you snow to cool off and more🙂  I don't think a fan would cut it. LOL

This is how hard it was snowing the other day and how the pine trees get covered.  This is not my house but in the country here the entire border of our property has large pine trees planted by my husband as our land that we own use to be a corn field.


It is so picturesque when it sticks to the trees and the dog doesn't romp around in it LOL

This is typically what I see at 5 am and 5 pm when the birds are feeding.  They wake me up in the morning with their chatter.  It is a beautiful sight to see.



You can make your own fun too🙂


And then there is me who won't ever back away from a snowball fight or any snow activity.  This is not me or my dog in the image.


My dog loves snow and my dog was born in the Bahamas, sunny, warm, sandy, beaches.  Go Figure?

Then the devilish side of me comes out as well ^-^  LOL


Hope this cools you off and you all keep well and safe over there.🤗

PS: Anytime you're up for a challenge in the snow  let me know haha!  I hope this is not the last of our snow for the season 😞

5 days ago


I have Good News to share with you.  One is that my daughter in law's co-worker tested "NEGATIVE" as she called last night....Woo Hoo.

The other thing that makes me Excited and Happy is that we have "SNOW"!!!!!!  (, Just Love Snow) ☃

May you and your family's Have a Healthy, Safe Week Ahead.  Blessing to All.  Stay Strong💜


6 days ago

Hey Gabriel

I hope your sister remains well and distances herself from you all because of her contact with a positive case and do what you must to protect yourselves even if it means no contact with the outside world except for food and medicine.  I will keep all of you in my prayers.  I am missing my daughter in law and granddoggy and knowing we have to keep our distance for a few weeks makes me sad but worth it in the long run.

Our relatives in Italy are going stir crazy but no one so far has contracted the virus in our family over there. I think everyone is watching more television.  I've been retired so daily life kind of remains the same for me and hub.

 Please take care of yourself my friend 💛


1 week ago

HI Gabriel

Thank you, appreciate that.  As for letting you in the kitchen "I don't think so".! 😮  Mom is a smart woman.  Continue on the mend and take all precautions necessary to stay healthy my friend.

Well just when you thought things couldn't get worse we had a power outage for 8 hours yesterday.  Their reason was to prepare for today's wind. Go Figure?  I don't see any wind outside. 🌪  So much for my slow cooker rice pudding that never got cooked.   As I have told some of you that 2 people had COVID 19 in our county and that number is up to 6 with many being tested and more in isolation and that at least 2 of these people being from the college my daughter in law works for as they did not disclose where the other 4 were from.  This morning I received an email from my daughter-in-law that one of her co-workers is being test for COVID 19.  We are always in close contact with our daughter in law (every Saturday). Hopefully he will not test positive so I need everyone's prayers he doesn't test positive.  Sorry for asking but I believe in the power of prayer.🙏

On a Happier Note, It is Friday so even though we are all going through the same thing we have to try and stay positive 😉

So shake those hips and join me in the Friday Dance LOL


1 week ago

Hey Gabriel

You're just getting over being sick and your resistance may still be low, however, people are walking around with no symptoms and have it which I find is really odd and could be infecting other people without knowing.  They had a basketball player on the news who feels like he can get out on the court and play a game as he had no symptoms and continues to feel great.  I guess the entire NBA team got tested and he is positive but feels fine and dandy.  Everyone is different.  We now have 2 cases in our county and hub said yesterday that store shelves were pretty bare.  He only went downtown for the essentials, milk, eggs, salad but there were no eggs.  I guess people are going crazy now that there are 2 in the county.  I can live without eggs.

We just have to make the best of this situation and pray to stay well.  They laughter is the best medicine when things are bad so even though i'm not Irish, hub is going to make a St. Patricks Day Dinner today.  He loves cooking when I let him which isn't often. lol 😮

Our relatives in Italy in lockdown are going stir crazy as they are keeping in touch with emails.  One of our cousins passed away from old age though not from COVID 19 and I sincerely hope that your coach pulls through.

Thank you for your kindness and stay well my friend and keep in touch.


On a lighter note


Even cats can do the Irish Jig 🙂



1 week ago

Hey Gabriel

I couldn't bare to watch repeated games they showed this weekend on television.  Sniff  They were talking about making Liverpool the winners of the Premier League for this year but I beleive there is controversey.  Even during this time of crisis there can never be agreement.....Sad

I hope you are your family are stay well and are you on lockdown by you?  They told us in the USA to be prepared to hunker down which means the same but it is not official (yet).  The one case we have in our county came from the college my daughter in law works for in the financial aid office.

I am keeping everyone in my prayers.


Wishing You and Yours A Beautiful, Healthy and Safe Week ♥


2 weeks ago

Thank you for your words.


2 weeks ago

Hey Gabriel

Hope you and your family are doing good healthwise.

Happy Friday the 13th......? 😨


Wishing You and Your Families a Safe & Beautiful Weekend💜


PS:  I don't think they'll be showing any games this weekend, Arsensal's coach and a Manchester City player now have been tested positive.


2 weeks ago

Hey Gabriel

I know many Italian games are cancelled from being televised as that happened to us 2 Saturdays in a row as they were northern italian games.

Rugani (Defender) from Juventus has the Coronavirus as well as a German Bundslinga Player.

Whoa Was Me After Yesterdays Liverpool Game with Athletico Madrid....sniff sniff 😢


Defense was a bit shabby on Liverpool obviously but the team did play well, just a lot of miss kicks by Mo and Furmino even though Furmino finally scored.  Not enough.  Athletico deserved to win.

Did your team win yesterday?

You and your family take care and keep safe and stay informed on the Covid 19.  We are doing all we can here with 1 case in our area so far.  Much worse downstate New York though.

I think they are going to cancel spectators from the English Premier League.  No spectators are happening all over the world.

TTYS My Friend

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