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About: I am an animal rights and anti-gun activist. I also strongly believe in climate change, which is strongly backed up by SCIENCE. All of these issues are very important to me, although we need to continue to fight against people who continue to deny science. This is the most urgent issue facing all if us who live on this beautiful planet. I love animals, and sometimes say that I like animals more than people. They give you unconditional love and expect very little in return. All animals on this planet have a purpose, even if we wouldn't want them (or couldn't fit them) in our living rooms lol. I despise so-called "hunters"(animal killers), even if they claim they eat what they kill. 😒 I continue to be in awe of the beauty of nature. Among my favorite wallpapers are a picture of a wolf and a beautiful beach sunset.

Interests: Running, ice skating, reading, painting (oil on canvas). I am single and have four children (three boys and a girl; the youngest is 17) and three grandchildren, two girls and a boy.

Favorite Music: Radiohead, Elvis Costello, Twenty-One Pilots, Billie Eillish, Elliot Smith, Disturbed, Collective Soul, the Cure, Muse, Pearl Jam, Red hot Chili Peppers, Garth Brooks, David Bowie, Natalie Merchant, Soundgarden, Days of the New, Elton John, Green Day, The Cranberries, Jewel, Sly and the Family Stone, Alanis Morisette, Green Day, GnR, Eminem, Florence and the Machine, Lady Gaga, Tonic, Queen, Johnny Cash, Sublime, the Beatles. As you can probably tell, I like most kinds of music.

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4 months ago

Just read your profile.  Oh my gosh!  You sound just like me and  the things you care for and love are like mine. I am very passionate about our planet and the critters that live here.  I too prefer critters over most humans who are not very well being!  You are my people and my sister now. 


One of my favorite videos.

1 year ago

Hey! I love this wallpaper you posted.

Where did you get it? Its beauitful, looking for more (lock screen).

Thank you! 😊


2 years ago

A Happy, Healthy Safe New Year My Friends💜🎉🥂🍾

Coming New Year GIF

Happy New Year Celebration GIF by Broken Shed Vodka

Cheers, Salut'


2 years ago

I"ll be taking a few days away from Alphacoders to prepare for the holidays.

Just wanted to wish you and your Loved Ones A Very Merry Christmas🎄

Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone 💚

Gif ID: 692


2 years ago




I'm feeling devlish....


Have a Great Weekend 🙂

2 years ago




2 years ago

Getting hyped up, weekend!!!!!!



2 years ago

Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a Great One!!!!

GIF by Mashable

2 years ago

You have some really pretty ocean and beach collections going on!  Thank you for sharing!🌴🏝

2 years ago

ARGHH It's Monday Again.  I think we could all use a "Happy Meal" 😄  Have a Great Week 😎


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